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Genetics Amnesia Ganja Haze x Silver Buddha Haze x White Widow
Sex Feminized
Height 200-230cm
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Seed Bank Sumo Seeds
Yield Medium/High
Type Sativa Dominant
THC High
Here at Sumo Seeds we really like some nice, strong, old-school Dutch Haze. We also love to play with some fire genetics in order to create something special again. This is exactly the case with our Zombie Haze. Another exclusive sativa dominant hybrid in our catalogue is a genetic power-horse of the most legendary Dutch cannabis strains of Amnesia Ganja Haze, Silver Buddha Haze and the White Widow. These three multiple times Cannabis Cup winners together can only mean one thing- you will be blown away and knocked-out after a joint of this combo. Zombie Haze has been tested at 25% THC which makes it one of the strongest strains in our catalogue. Zombie Haze is your ultimate Haze choice. Thanks to it’s White Widow heritage it will finish around a week 9, and it will produce buds as big and dense as Amnesia or Silver Haze, with that same potent Haze profile, but in way more uniform and compact form. Zombie Haze is perfect for small rooms, or SCROG growing techniques. It is also an exclusive strain of ours so you can be sure that nobody else got it before you. Zombie Haze is very strong in it’s effects and smoking a little bit too much of it will result in a couch-lock effect that will put you to a lethargic state of a relaxation. This weed is definitely not for a daytime use nor for the novice cannabis enthusiasts. Growing the Zombie haze needs a bit of a patience. With a flowering time of 9/10 weeks she has clearly Sativa dominant genes. Don’t harvest her to soon, or else you won’t get the fully effect she has to offer. After germination of the zombie haze cannabis seeds you can put her directly into a 12/12 light schedule. This will shorten the flowering time as well as her height. Give her enough room to grow in height. She will develop into a tall almost pure haze cannabis plant. Her color is light green and she will form wide and narrow sativa leaves. Outside she will grow into a 200-230cm beauty. With frosted nugs covering the Zombie Haze you know you will receive a very potent haze strain. With a long lasting psychoactive high makes it a perfect strain during the daytime. Zombie haze has an extreme high THC level but a low amount of CBD. When smoking this cannabis strain you will immediately notice her piney sweet floral taste. Her odor can be described as piney with earthy diesel like aroma’s.
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