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Genetics Cinderella phenotype (#88) x Oaxacan sativa
Sex Feminized
Height 180cm
Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
Seed Bank Sumo Seeds
Yield 400-500 grams per plant.
Type Sativa Dominant
THC high THC
Cinderella’s aka C’99 or C’88 or Cinderella is definitely one of the most exotic, prolific, special and almost mystical strains in the Sumo Seeds catalogue. This little plant of citrusy buds, will flower in only 9 weeks, and it will produce almost full sativa effects !! Super sweet citrusy and uplifting strain that has been around since couple of decades, but never really managed to emerge in the commercial cannabis circuit. This originally American strain has been often used to cross with other cultivars and it would always make them a little bit special. The sativa genetics behind the Cinderella make it more special due to the fact that nowadays almost pure sativas usually require more then 12 weeks of flowering and are growing to huge sizes, and very often some of them are producing very leafy buds. In the case of the Cinderella’s that’s totally not the case. Nobody really understands the biology behind it, nonetheless Cindie is being praised for her beautiful qualities. Our Cinderella’s seeds are a result of a breeding project to make a Cindy even more sativa with even less flowering time. We managed to achieve it through simply choosing the most potent Cinderella phenotype (#88) and then crossed it to our trusted Oaxacan sativa that gave the C’88 more vigour and flavour. With a flowering time of 8/9 weeks, the Cinderella’s is a very fast sativa flowering strain. Despite her Sativa dominant genetics she won’t grow much in length. The flower to leaf ratio is absolutely phenomenal. She will not grow many leafs but invest her energy into forming rock-hard buds. Her color is light green with lots of orange pistols. Outdoors you can start the harvest in the end of October or beginning of November. The Cinderella’s is only suitable for outdoor growing in warmer climates. She will reach a length of 180cm Even though the Cinderella’s is primarily Sativa dominant, her yield reminds us of an Indica strain. She produces compact and dense buds and you can harvest between 400 to 500g/m2. Outdoors in warmer climates and with some care you can harvest between 400-500 grams per plant. It’s a perfect mix for people who are looking for a high yielding strain but don’t want to loose on effect and taste. The Cinderella’s has a high THC percentage just like we are used from a Sativa dominant cannabis strain. The effect will hit you with a psychoactive cerebral high. Its uplifting and will give you feeling of euphoria. It’s a great strain for during the day. The odour of the Cinderella’s reminds us of Citrus, grapefruit with an earthy undertone. Curing the buds will enhance the grapefruit aroma. The taste is between sour and fruity.
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