Various Seeds

Various Seeds

Various Seeds

Various Seed Banks

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On the odd occasion at Midweek Song we only stock one strain from a seed bank to see how people feel about them. Try today

  • Victory Seeds
  • Elite Seeds
  • Helvetic Seeds
  • Burning Bush Nurseries
  • Owl's Seeds
  • BB Seeds
  • Helvetic Seeds
  • The Kush Brothers

If these are popular then we will stock the whole catalog of strains!

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  1. Victory Seeds – Auto Big Angel Cannabis Seeds

    Victory Seeds
    Auto Big Angel

    3rd generation Autoflowering. This hybrid is the result of crossing our Big Angel with a Jack Herer auto. The height of her previous version is increased and plants height between 110 and 160cm, with numerous large side branches. The thickness and density of the buds is also increased and they turn up to be spectacularly loaded with aromatic resin. Incense aroma with a citric hint of lemon.

    Starting at: $64.35

  2. Elite Seeds – Black Hole Marijuana Seeds

    Elite Seeds
    Black Hole

    It is a version autoflowering of Elite Seeds coming from genetic Bestial Skunk. The original flavor Bestial Skunk is clearly distinguishable in this new automatic version with notes of sweet fruit, a very different taste of this type of marijuana plants. Meanwhile Skunk strongly manifested in giving this fruity taste.

    Starting at: $49.66

  3. Helvetic Seeds – Cheese Marijuana Seeds

    Helvetic Seeds

    The famous Cheddarrrr clone has been selected again, and we can now present a beautifully stable strain that delivers the goods! This plant grows like a typical Indica/Sativa hybrid, with a higher proportion of Sativa (60/40 Sativa/Indica). Its excellent fertiliser tolerance, homogeneous growth and high yield combined with a short flowering time

    Starting at: $37.73

  4. Burning Bush – Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

    Burning Bush Nurseries
    Girl Scout Cookies

    The new favorite of the San Francisco Bay Area, this immensely popular strain contains a myriad of flavors that include chocolate, bubble gum, and menthol. The genetics are a three-way cross between Durban Poison x OG Kush x Cherry Kush, giving it a great flavor to match it's knock-you-out intensity.

    Starting at: $60.55

  5. Owl's Seeds – Heaven Cannabis Seeds

    Owl's Seeds

    This plant of marijuana mostly Sativa phenotype, can be grown indoors or outdoors, is also highly resistant to pests and fungi. Owl's Skunk, a variety of marijuana, is easy to grow and can be grow in any medium, whether soil, coconut fiber, perlite, organic mixtures, and rock wool.

    Starting at: $72.57

  6. BB Seeds – Lemon Bar Marijuana Seeds

    BB Seeds
    Lemon Bar

    LemonBar has a great "U" shaped plant structure which is ideal for SOG planting techniques. These semi-dense flowers will produce a oily citrus/lemon aroma that will work great for concentrated oil production. Having a great flower to leaf ratio, this plant will produce heavy yields due to its high oil content.

    Starting at: $39.58

  7. Helvetic Seeds – Stardust Marijuana Seeds

    Helvetic Seeds

    Midweek Song would like to welcome Helvetic Seeds, Stardust to our collection. Buy them today and you won't regret it

    Out of stock

  8. The Kush Brothers – The Dark Side Cannabis Seeds

    The Kush Brothers
    The Dark Side

    This variety is one of the most grateful we have in our catalog, as it is a plant that with low nutrition will yield very high yields. Its buds have aromas of earth, wood and haze. Its flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks indoors, and can produce 600 gr | m2. Outside, it can produce up to 900gr | plant. At the end of its bloom it acquires purple tones.

    Starting at: $59.37

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