Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Our regular marijuana seeds are one of the most popular seeds on the market. The reason for this is simple. The regular marijuana seeds have not been chemically changed, genetically modified, or artificially enhanced. Our regular marijuana seeds have the purest genetic makeup. Regular cannabis seeds are loved by many keen gardeners for their natural origins.

Regular cannabis seeds are bred from a male and a female parent, and can produce male or female plants. There is no way to tell whether a regular cannabis seed will produce a male or female plant apart from growing and flowering it. However, once a plant has been in the flowering phase for about two weeks, it is quite easy to tell the difference between males, with their oval pods, and females, which produce a a teardrop-shaped calyx from which a pair of white hairs emerge. 

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  1. MTG Seeds – 101 Headbang Marijuana Seeds

    MTG Seeds
    101 Headbang (Discontinued)

    This plant has long branches full of beefy buds.

    Out of stock

  2. Kiwi Seeds – 2 Pounder Cannabis Seeds

    Kiwi Seeds
    2 Pounder

    Especially for the guerrilla grower, this strain was originally stabilised outdoors in New Zealand. She's become something of a legend to the locals in the far-north, where an average plant in a good season could top the scales at more than 1kg of bud!

    Starting at: $7.30

  3. White Label Seeds – 25 Mixed Regular Seeds Marijuana Seeds

    White Label Seeds
    25 Mixed Regular Seeds

    Anyone who finds it hard to choose between White Label's many superb strains can find the solution to their dilemma in our White Label Mix pack. This selection contains 25 seeds - a randomly mixed assortment taken from any or all of the 16 strains featured on White Label's list of regular (non-feminised) cannabis varieties.

    Starting at: $71.99

  4. Cannaventure Seeds – 425 Marijuana Seeds


    425 is Chem 4 clone and a strong, Northern Lights #2/#5 male (Mr.Nice). 425 is full on Indica, and will stay short with a minimum stretch, perfect for growers with height restrictions. Dense flowers, completely caked in trichs, a very potent line that is perfect for night time meds. The yield is good to great. Extremely easy to grow, this gear will Not disappoint the most seasoned gardener. Multiple keepers in every pack.

    Out of stock

  5. Rare Dankness Seeds – 501st OG Marijuana Seeds

    Rare Dankness
    501st OG

    Built off the Skywalker OG genetics, this high yielding strain produces sweet/kushy flowers. The 501st strain is a stocky plant, with purple tinged flowers. This cross produces an allover potent high.

    Starting at: $7.92

  6. Gage Green Group - 5k Puff

    Gage Green Group
    5K Puff - Discontinued

    The 5K Puff sets a new benchmark for incredible flavours and other-worldly frost by using a combination that includes three of the most resinous parents in our library. The heirloom 5K OG Kush has proven itself over and over again in our stables with its mind-tingling flavours and potency. The amazingly frosty Aloha White Widow male, which is a descendent of the legendary 'Sweet Thang' cut.

    Out of stock

  7. Loud Seeds – 7/8 Sour Cannabis Seeds

    Loud Seeds
    7/8 Sour

    The Original Loud F1 (AJs Sour Diesel crossed with Spicy Jack was the happy accident that started Loud Seeds) was back crossed twice with AJs Sour Diesel F1 in search of petrol aromas and strong sour genetics.

    Starting at: $11.49

  8. BC Bud Depot – 707 Headband Cannabis Seeds

    BC Bud Depot
    707 Headband

    This super potent OG Kush Hybrid is some of the most desired smoke in California. Even seasoned users report a feeling of having a headband on as one of the effects from smoking this flower. 707 Headband is Sour Diesel x OG Kush, then backcrossed to the OG Kush. This plant is difficult for beginners but is extremely rewarding once you figure her out.

    Starting at: $81.80

  9. Loud Seeds – 8 Mile Cannabis Seeds

    Loud Seeds
    8 Mile

    One of our close friends known only as Skins created the original Skins Skunk and our 8 Mile using Michigan Skunk as a starting point. He used a male skunk to pollinate a female Mendo Purps that the Loud family had been using for outdoor crops. We are currently releasing F3 regular seeds but are working on an F5 batch that should be ready sometime in 2014.

    Starting at: $11.49

  10. Mandala Seeds – 8 Miles High Marijuana Seeds

    Mandala Seeds
    8 Miles High

    This is a fragrant, uplifting sativa that delivers quality harvests indoor outdoor. Special attention was devoted to making this variety a low-maintenance plant that finishes by mid-October in northern climates. Flowering sets in quickly with most plants sexing within one week of switching to 12/12.

    Starting at: $3.18

  11. Cali Connection Seeds – 818 Headband aka Sour OG Marijuana Seeds

    The Cali Connection Seeds
    818 Headband aka Sour OG

    This Award winning strain (2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan 1st place Hybrid Category). This cross is my Original Sour Diesel cut which is known as AJ's cut aka Asshole Joe aka Weasel as in the first cut to come out of his room of the famous Sour Diesel collection.

    Starting at: $10.82

  12. Hazeman - 88 G-13/ Hashplant

    88 G-13/ Hashplant

    Midweek Song would like to inroduce this new marijuana seed from Hazeman Seedbank, 88 G-13/ Hashplant. This was made by Ndnguy. HazeMan took his creation and made a lot of crosses with it. Just like the name says it is the G-13 X Hashplant from 1988. This plant grows huge so give it space. 9 weeks or 10 and she will be done.

    Out of stock

  13. Apothecary Genetics - 91 Chemdawg x Carmel

    Apothecary Genetics
    91 Chemdawg x Carmel (Discontinued)

    Midweek Song currently doesn't have information on this Apothecary Genetics, 91 Chemdawg x Carmel, Marijuana Seed. As soon as we get information on this marijuana seed you'll be the first to know.

    Starting at: $8.68

  14. DNA Genetics - 91 Krypt

    DNA Genetics Limited Collection
    91 Krypt

    This is a Power strain that just is Crazy! Bringing these siblings together is just wrong, but creating the ultra high THC% with great flavor and great Medicinal values had to be done! This is a very limited release and will move very fast.

    Starting at: $11.87

  15. Apothecary Genetics - 98 Bubba Kush

    Apothecary Genetics
    98 Bubba Kush - Discontinued

    98 Bubba Kush from Apothecary Genetics has numerous awards in the cannabis industry. 1St Place – High Life Cup Amsterdam 2009 and 1st Place Toranto Cannabis Cup 2010. The plant has a strong narcotic Indica and is great for sleeping and body pain.

    Out of stock

  16. TGA Seeds – 9Lb Hammer Cannabis Seeds

    TGA Subcool Seeds
    9Lb Hammer

    The 9lb Hammer has strong, sweet grape and lime fruit flavors that dance across the tongue. Resin coated calax atop large, dense nuggets are surrounded by Autumn colors at the finish. Careful, the 9lb hammer packs a serious punch! The prominent phenotype expressed is Gooberry dominant.

    Starting at: $13.85

  17. Freedom of Seeds - A Little Kushy Auto

    Freedom of Seeds
    A Little Kushy Auto

    Freedom of seeds A Little Kushy will deliver a great strong hashy taste that the Afghan Kush is so well known for. She is an indica Afghan Kush x Lowryder #2 union.

    Starting at: $6.93

  18. TH Seeds Seeds – A-Train Marijuana Seeds

    TH Seeds
    A-Train - Discontinued Last Few Remaining

    The A-train is a hybrid between afghani Mazar I Sharif and the clone-only Arcata e-32 Trainwreck Trainwreck is an infamous plant. It looks like a train wrecked in your room all the plants falling over themselves. Train-wreck is a spindly plant that needs support almost immediately. The MiS helped girth it out a bit and overall she stayed pretty true to her low-leaf count, which really helps with manicuring.

    Starting at: $11.72

  19. Homegrown Fantaseeds - AC Diesel

    Homegrown Fantaseeds
    AC Diesel

    Homegrown Fantaseeds AC Diesel The intense smell and taste of the Amsterdam City Diesel is an experience like no other, this Sour Diesel hybrid expresses exactly what we are looking for in a strain to add to our library. A very fragrant strain that grows beautifully structured and very resinous buds and a taste to remember. You can expect high yields of very tasty Cannabis, a true connoisseur strain.

    Starting at: $10.62

  20. Ace Seeds - Ace Mix Marijuana Seeds

    Ace Seeds
    Ace Mix

    In this stunning Pandoras Box, excellent varieties coming from the most varied places of our planet have been combined. In our ACE MIX a selection of new genetics from our most recent breeding projects are at your disposal.

    Starting at: $13.64

Items 1 to 20 of 1660 total

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