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We have had some customers having problems ordering.  In order to make the process run more smoothly we have created a Payment Process Guide for those customers who might need it.

How to proceed with payment process

Once you have selected all the marijuana seeds that you want to purchase click onto the top right hand side of the page where it says "Basket" and click "Free Seeds"

Here you will be able to select your free seeds depending on the amount spent.  To see all our free seed selections click here

Now you're ready to start the payment procedure so click "Proceed to Checkout" located in the bottom right of your screen.

We have some people failing the payment procedure as they enter the wrong information and then the banks will not approve payment!  To make the process easier we have made a guide for you to follow, if you need to, in order for your order to proceed.

The Example we will be using is John Doe who lives at 1 Avenue, Broad Street, Aberdeen, Washinghton, 98520. He has a Visa Debit with Card Number 4658590487631003 Expiry Date 01/2016 Name on Card: Mr John Doe Security Code: 111

We will follow the process as if we was a customer so you can see where each bit of information goes.

1. Checkout Method

Here you will be asked whether you want to Checkout as a Guest or Register.  We advise all customers to Register for the website as then you will be kept up to date with all new promotions and discounts.  If you have already registered then enter your details and click login.

2. Billing Information

It is VITAL that your Billing Information matches where your Credit/Debit Card is registered!  If they do not match then your bank will not authorise payment for your product.

Once you have entered all the correct information you either have the option of Shipping your product to this address or an address of your choice.  If you want to ship to a different addres the please select the box at the bottom left hand side of the page that says "Ship to different address."  If you decide to get your product shipped to a different address please make sure that you make sure the address is the correct address as once the product has been sent we can not change this!

4. Shipping Method

Here you have the choice of getting your product sent in Original Breeders Packets or Clear Bags.  If you decide you want your product sent in Clear Bags then we put your seeds into a vial so they will not get crushed.

Now you have to pick whether you want your shipping Insured or not.  If you decide you do not want your product insured and it doesn't arrive at your destination we are unable to send a replacement.  We track all our Orders so even if it isn't insured we can help you try and track your order.

We do recommend for all orders that you get your package insured!

5. Payment Information 

Here you only have the option of paying by Credit Card/Debit Card.  You're able to pay by both methods when you get onto the Sage Pay Screen.

6. Order Review

This is the stage of your order where you need to make sure that everything is correct.  If you need to change any part of your order you can do so at the Basket in the top right hand side of the page.

You should now read the conditions of use and tick that you have understood everything stated.  Once you have read the conditions you can now click Pay Now which will take you to the Sage Pay part of the payment process.

Sage Pay

In our John Doe example we're paying with a Visa Debit card so we will need to click the Second Icon along.  It is VITAL that you click the appropriate card selection here.  If you are paying with a Visa Debit and you click Visa your payment will not go through!!

Enter Card Details

Once again at this stage of the order it is VITAL that no information is entered incorrectly.  Any incorrect information will result in your order failing!!!

Using the example above here is how the details should look

Example: John Doe who lives at 1 Avenue, Broad Street, Aberdeen, Washinghton, 98520.

Visa Debit

Card Number 4658590487631003

Expiry Date 01/2016

Name on Card: Mr John Doe

Security Code: 111

If you have any other problems ordering with Midweek Song please contact us [email protected]

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