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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship your marijuana seeds worldwide?

Midweek Song does ship all our marijuana seeds worldwide but before ordering from us we do ask you check your local laws.  By ordering from us you are accepting that you have read all the relevant laws applicable in your country and the shipping is approved to your state/country.

Is your shipping discreet?

Here at Midweek Song we pride ourselves on having the most discreet shipping service in the marijuana industry.  Your package can be sent in a numerous amount of ways.  We offer you the option of having your marijuana seed parcel being sent in a T-Shirt, Tote Bag, Crush Proof Tin, Mug or DVD Case.  Here at Midweek Song we like to give you the options when buying marijuana seeds and that’s why we believe we have the best shipping in the marijuana market.

We also offer you the option of having your marijuana seeds removed from their original packaging and packed in clear bags labelled with what seeds are inside.  This option is best when purchasing a lot of seeds and having them packaged in a crush proof tin or a mug.

We recommend that for all orders customers select one of delivery guaranteed options so that in the event that the order does go missing we will be able to replace it free of charge.

Once my order has been placed when will I get my tracking number?

When purchasing products online you will automatically receive an e-mail as receipt of your order, we will then send you an e-mail with the tracking number within it. If you decide to order over the phone then tracking number will be given on completion of the payment. Orders are processed between 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday GMT time.

Please can all customers make sure that before e-mailing us you check your junk folders as some e-mails may end up in their by mistake. 

How long does the marijuana seed parcel take to arrive?

At Midweek Song we pride ourselves on our quick service. We aim to make sure all UK Mainland deliveries take between 1- 3 working days.

International orders will normally take between 7-10 working days however very occasionally it can take up to 21 days. Unfortunately every parcel differs in time so if you have not had your parcel after 21 days please get in contact with us and we will try and sort the situation out ASAP.

Please be aware if you’re not home when the postman tries to deliver your parcel it has nothing to do with us to book a new delivery date.  It will then be down to you to organise this with your local post office.  If you do not collect your parcel for any reason it will then be re shipped to us at Midweek Song where we will then contact you to organise the marijuana seed parcel to be re shipped.

Please be aware some parcels do take longer than others; please only get in contact with us once you have not received your parcel after 21 working days. (Not including weekends)

My goods have not arrived yet, what should I do?

If you have not received UK goods by 15 working days and International by 21 working days then please call or e-mail us so we can sort out the situation. We will make enquiries to try and track down your parcel into the relevant postal service. If we are unsuccessful then we cannot be held responsible for your local mail service and your dispute is with them. We strongly recommend that you pick a 'Guaranteed' option when placing an order with Midweek Song. If you do not receive your parcel and you have selected this option then we will reship your parcel to the original address provided that we do not receive online confirmation that the delivery of your parcel was successful from the mail service.

Exclusions from our guaranteed service

Unfortunately sometimes we have situation when customers have received their products but tell us that they haven't. In order to protect Midweek Song against this occurring, we have had to introduce some rules as to when we will not ship again even if you have selected our guaranteed service. If your parcel has been confirmed as delivered by the mail service, but you are saying that you have not received it, then it is your responsibility to chase up the situation with the relevant mail person in order to find out where the parcel was left and how to find it. Our guaranteed shipping service are also voided, if you as the customer, have entered an incorrect delivery name or address. It is your responsibility to make sure that all information is entered correct when selecting a shipping option. We ask customers to double check all information before submitting because once it has been submitted we will not be able to change it before it has to be dispatched.

I got my seeds shipped to a different address and they're saying they don't have it, what can I do?

If we check with our postal service and your package is registered as delivered then unfortunately we cannot help you any further.  Once the package is registered as delivered our end, it is then up to you to ask your postal service where the package is.  At Midweek Song we try to help as much as possible but it is your responsibility to make sure you get your parcel delivered to an address where you can take delivery of the parcel!

My seeds are damaged/faulty, what can I do?

It is highly unlikely that any seeds should be damaged or faulty, however if they are you should send us a photo of the package and we will arrange for you to send the parcel back to us for a replacement; we will refund the cost of sending them back to us in the UK. We do also offer the option of all seeds to be put in crush proof tins in order to prevent this from happening. Please be aware after one month of you receiving your seeds if you haven't registered a problem then after this period there is nothing we can do.

Is the shipping included in the seed prices?

Shipping is not included in the price of the seeds and when you come to placing your order the shipping cost will be charged on top of the cost of seeds which you purchase.

When trying to place my order online I had technical difficulties with the website, did my order go through?

Firstly try checking your junk mail folder to see if confirmation was sent. If you're unable to find confirmation of the order then please contact us so we can help solve the problem.

Do you ship in original breeders packs?

Yes we do unless you order single seeds. If you order single seeds we then put them in individual bags labelled with what the contents are.

Midweek Song likes to give you the choice of how you receive your seeds so all seeds (except single pick n mix seeds) will be sent in the breeders packaging unless you have stated another option.

I have a discount code for my seeds where do I use it?

You can place any discount / promotional code onto your order by clicking onto the shopping bag and entering into the coupon code box.

Methods of Payment

During the checkout process you will be presented with the option of paying by Bank Transfer, cash or using Bitcoin. 

Bank Transfer

If you place your order using bank trasnfer we will send you an email with the instructions of how to pay via Bank Trasnfer.  Please ask your bank whether it will allow you to send cash to the UK and how much the charges are.

Bitcoin (BitPay)

When selecting to pay by Bitcoin, you will be presented with a transaction key and QR code. You should scan this with your Bitcoin wallet app on your phone or open it with your PC wallet software to complete the transaction. Any order placed using Bitcoin will take longer to dispatch than normal as we have to wait for a response that payment has been received into our merchant wallet. This can take up to 5 days. >


With the laws in place at the moment, and the way that the banks are acting, we find the best method is now sending cash to us. If you wish to do so please email us and we will send you the address.

Please make sure your order is being tracked so we can both follow it too us. Do not mention anything to do with Midweek Song on your envelope.

What currency will you charge my bank in?

At Midweek Song we’re based in the United Kingdom so we will charge you in GBP however your bank will process any currency conversions their end.

What happens if something with my marijuana order is out of stock?

Generally we usually have all items listed in stock, however if we do run out of a product which may happen from time to time we will contact you straight away.  You can either wait for the item to come back in stock, we will refund you or we will let you pick something else to replace these seeds.

I have purchased seeds but they won’t germinate what can I do?

Please be aware we do not send any seeds to be grown.  All our seeds are sold for souvenir purposes only!  If you decide to grow them, and it is legal to do so in your area, we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to them.  Please do not email us telling us your seeds have not germinated as we may not respond and will not replace these seeds.

Do I get free seeds with my order?

Of course you do. Please visit our free seeds page in order to find out the free seeds we are currently offering. You can actually pick your own free seeds from the available list.

Can I get replacement seeds if I lose my seeds once I have received them?

Unfortuntaely no. Once you have received your souviner package the seeds are your responsibilty and out of our control.

My order says delivered but I haven't got it, what can i do?

Unfortunately once the order says delivered on the Royal Mail  website we can not resend unless WE have sent it to the wrong address. We are more than willing to give you all the tracking information, so you can get in contact with your local post office, to find out what is wrong but we won't resend the package.

I've emailed Midweek Song but you aren't responding, why?

At Midweek Song we now have a policy where by we will block you and not respond to any email if you are rude or abusive to any member of our staff.  If you ever have a problem with your order we always help you as much as possible, however being abusive or rude it is not something our employees should have to put up with. We have had a few emails of people swearing and being abusive to our employees so we have now had to implement this. Please be aware you have been warned.

I ordered seeds at an incorrect price what happens?

Unfortunately with over 10,000 different products on our website, sometimes mistakes do happen. If the seed price is less than we can purchase the seeds ourself we can not honour the price.  We will always offer you a discount on your order and try to rectify the situaiton as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding.

Why have my seeds been sent differently to what I asked?

Please be aware if you pick a shipping option that we feel will not get through customs, we have the right the right to alter the packaging of the product, to make sure the package gets to you.  Please be aware this is for your benefit and of no benefit to us.  For example if you are ordering 10 packs of Humboldt Seeds and asked for them sent in a Mug we would not be able to do so as they would not fit or feel like a mug!

I got my package but it had the customers green tape around it, what now?

If you took out one of our guaranteed shipping methods then we will resend your package for you.  Please be aware for resends we will send them in the method we think best to ensure they get to you.  Please be aware if you don't send us a picture of the unopened photo we will be unable to resend your package.  We have too many people place old tape around our package trying to get a free resend.

I want to return an item and get a refund. What are my rights?

Distance Selling Regulations and Refunds Within the EU

Your statutory rights under the distance selling regulations apply and a full refund will be processed if the request is made within 14 days of receipt and returned to us within 14 days after request has been made. All items must be returned in original packaging where applicable. Please contact us first as we will do everything we possible can to rectify any issues you have had with your goods or order. Please make requests in writing to [email protected] and include your order details and contact telephone number to help us resolve any issues promptly. If you have photos of the issue, this can help speed up the process. Please be aware, you as the customer are liable for any postage costs to return the item if it is not faulty.

Refunds For Customers Outside of the EU

If you need to return your items for any reason we will swap or refund your item within 21 days of purchase.  We can not refund any items that have been taken out of the original breeders packets.  If you have any problems with your marijuana seed order then we suggest (if possible) you send us photos of the package and the marijuana packet that has the problem, this way we're able to retify the situation a lot quicker. Please make requests in writing to [email protected] and include your order details and contact telephone number to help us resolve any issues promptly. Please be aware, you as the customer are liable for any postage costs to return the item if it is not faulty.

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