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Shipping Your Marijuana Seed Options

At Midweek Song we know how important discreet shipping is to our customers this is why we offer numerous options of shipping in order for you to pick the one that suits you best.  All our packages will only have the customer's name, address and a return shipping address on the parcel but no mention of Midweek Song on the outside of the packaging.  All packages will be sent in different ways to insure that our shipping is the most discreet possible.  What's on the inside of the parcel is where we let you have the choice!

Guaranteed Shipping Options

If you would like your items to be insured then you have to select one of our Secure Shipping Options during checkout. If you select one of these options and your order was to go missing then we would be able to replace your order for you.  Please note that if you do not select a Secure Shipping Option and just get your item sent in Original Breeders Packets, Clear Bags or Crush Proof Tin we can not replace the package.  Our secure shipping methods are;


We recommend that customers who are ordering 10+ marijuana seed packets should go for this option.  We recommend this option for larger orders as it is allows us to fit all of your seeds into one marijuana packet to send.

Tote Bag

We recommend that customers who are ordering 5-10 packets should go for this option.


We recommend that customers ordering 1-5 packets should use this option. We send you a MWS mug with the marijuana seeds carefully placed inside.

DVD Case

We recommend this option for single seed orders as full packets are harder to get in.

If you have any queries or questions about our shipping methods please contact us at [email protected] and we will clear up any concerns/problems.

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