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Genetics Mixed Genetics
Sex Feminized
Height Mixed
Flowering Time Mixed
Seed Bank Dinafem
Yield Mixed
Type Indica Dominant

Dinafem mixed marijuana seeds are a combination of different varieties available in the Dinafem feminized seed collection. They are all randomly selected and compose a pack of indica/sativa cannabis seeds characterized by easy growing qualities combined with strong relaxing and uplifting indica/sativa effects.

Feminized seeds of this marijuana mix are hand selected and show a good germination rate. They possess the highest growing qualities and usually have a strong resistance to mould and mushroom. Growing and managing plants developing from the feminized Dinafem Mix packs are very consistent. They can definitely bring a variety in your cannabis garden while producing different looks and characteristics - some are compact and indica bushy and are perfect for closets and home-box gardens. Some are sativa tall with an intense hash smell mixed with fresh citrus scents.

Cannabis seeds of the Dinafem Mix are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Where to grow this mix is entirely up to you, the result is always good. Yields vary depending on a strain, from 50 gr. from a lowryder to 600+ gr. from a sativa dominant marijuana seed. All strains are really eye-appealing, snowy and shiny, with the calyxes pressed together. THC/CBD balance also varies between12 and 20% to 0.4-14.00% what makes marijuana produced by these seeds either full body relaxing or energetic and uplifting - perfect when you want a variety in smoking experience.

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