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Here at Midweek Song we are very proud of our outstanding customer service record. We make a point of reading and listening to all our customers and making improvmenets based on their recommendations! E-mail us at [email protected] with the Subject Line "Customer Service" and we will pick one winner every month to give a free £50 voucher to spend on marijuana seeds!

I wish I had found your website years ago.  Best customer service I have had not just from a seed bank!!  When others say they will get back to you 24 7 they don't whereas you guys actually mean it!!! Won't be ordering my seeds from anyone else!!!!!

John 1st January 2014 - Arizona
Discreet, fast delivery and great service. cheers

Nelson 1st Janaury 2014 - New York
I have ordered with Midweek Song three times now always top quality and fast delivery!! Will be ordering again soon.

James 1st January 2014 - Nevada
E-mailed at 8pm my time and got a response straight away, didn't realise it was 4am UK time but they still responded!! Thanks guy

Richard 1st January 2014 - New Hampshire
Spot on service and delivery time again! Pleasure shopping with this company!

Stuart 1st January 2014 - New Jersey
Had a problem with my order but got the issue sorted within 10 minutes of ordering! That will make me check my delivery details again! Thanks midweek song

Thomas 1st January 2014 - Utah
Great website, easy to use unlike other clogged up websites!!!  Does exactly what you want of it. Delivery fantastic!!! a++

Neil 1st January 2014 - New York
Discreet packing and superb service.  The guys are always there to answer your questions 24 7!!! Keep up the good work

Henry 31st December 2013 - Texas
My friend told me to use MWS rather than my normal seedbank, I didn't believe his review of the seedbank but boy was I wrong.  Got emails back straight away and they made my shopping experience very simple and straight forward!!! See you soon

Stuart 31st December 2013 - Rhode Island

Adam 31st December 2013 - Ohio
Great prices, great service and great quality.  Told everyone about these guys already. Keep it MIDWEEK SONG!!!

Tom 31st December 2013 - Alabama
Ordered to the USA monday morning and got them Friday?!?! Amazing serivce and delivery! Can't wait to order again!!

Daniel 31st December 2013 - Illinois
Awesome site!!!!! Thanks for the 3b's!!

Nick 31st December 2013 - Kentucky

Derek 31st December 2013 - London
Dude too good

Albo 31st December 2013 - Georgia
Agree with everyone else who i speak to about Midweek Song, they're the best there is!!!

Ross 30th December 2013 - Oregon.
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy 30th December 2013 -Liverpool.
First order and get 15% off?!! Decided to order again within a week!!

Tyron 30th December 2013 -South Dakota.
Had a problem with my seeds but the issue got solved within hours.  Amazing customer service you won't find any better!!

Ian 30th December 2013 - Texas.
Was a very easy website to use and my seeds came a lot quicker than normal!! I've let all my friends know how good it was and they have ordered also.  No one has had a bad word to say about them!!!!!! Love you guys

Sam 30th December 2013 - Nottingham.
Received my goods extremely quickly, quicker than other sites that i've ordered from before!! Definitely recommend and will be visitng this site again!!

Natasha 30th December 2013 - Essex.
Thanks MWS, awesome!!

Frank 30th December 2013 - Mississippi.
Customer Service a++ Delivery a++ all you can ask

George 29th December 2013 - Spain.
merci beaucoup

Pier 29th December 2013 - France.
Wicked site, coming back thats for sure

Derek 29th December 2013 - Virginia.
Stupidly good!!!

Leroy 28th December 2013 - Arizona.
Ordered mine in a safe book would def recommend!! Used other websites and they don't offer this unique method of shipping. If anyone ever asks I just say it was a book and no one is any the wiser!!

Peter 28th December 2013 - Leeds.
Ordered mine in a safe book would def recommend!! Used other websites and they don't offer this unique method of shipping. Respect

Calcum 28th December 2013 -London.
Brother you just made my day!! what a delivery service!!

Bobby 28th December 2013 -Connecticut.
Excellent Service. top quality delivery

Arthur 28th December 2013 - New York.
My first order with Midweek Song and I was very impressed with everything on offer. I emailed them to ask them about one of the seeds and they got back to me within the hour. Never had that kind of service with anyone else and it helped me when ordering with them! A pleasure doing business with a professional company for once!

Elie 27th December 2013 - New York.

Great site, loads of banks and top delivery. Always use this site for my purchases

Murray 27th December 2013 - Oregon.

I've told people before and I will tell them again DON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE!! These guys have everything you have ever wanted! Loved the coffee cup!

James 27th December 2013 - Washington.

simpley the best service around. Very discreet and top quality delivery.

Troy 27th December 2013 - Birmingham.

Absolutely fantastic site, service is second to none!

Joel 27th December 2013 - London.

The best company to deal with and Lewis was a right help! To knows service is what other companies should aspire too!

Michael 27th December 2013 - Nottingham.

Because I got high!!!

Edgar 27th December 2013 - Oergon.


Joe 25th December 2013 - New Jersey.


Steven 26th December 2013 - Vermont.

The only site I will ever use now, others offer you so much but just fail to deliver! With Midweek Song you get everything you want plus more. It's exactly what you want when ordering something of this nature!

Sarah 26th December 2013 - Vermont.

The delivery to America is the quickest I have ever experienced!!!

Clemenet 26th December 2013 - Utah.

Prices are great compared to others!!! 5 star for everything!

Harry 26th December 2013 - California.

Recommended them to everyone I know and more!!! If you have any doubt about ordering from them.... DON'T! You won't regret it!

Frank 24th December 2013 - Florida.

Great service and very quick dispatch! I will be using again soon!!

Dennis 24th December 2013 - New York.

Dude they are the best don't doubt it!!!

Dustin 24th December 2013 - Texas.

Great service and very quick dispatch! I will be using again soon!!

Kenneth 24th December 2013 - New York.

Thanks for the t-shirt!!!

James 23th December 2013 - Nevada.

Im a newbie when it comes to buying seeds online, wasn't a problem with MWS they answered every question I had and helped me find some answers they weren't allowed to answer online!!

Jim 23th December 2013 - Maine.

Thanks for the 3B'S, nice t shirt too! Coming back for more very soon!

JB 23th December 2013 - Maine.

Thanks for all your help Lewis!

Zoe 23th December 2013 - Kansas.

Spot on will be using again ASAP

Dean 22nd December 2013 - London.


Doug 22nd December 2013 - Portsmouth.

J'adore MWS

Thierry 22nd December 2013 - France.

Service 10/10, Delivery 10/10, Packaging 10/10, Seeds 10/10 can't wait to order again

Courtney 22nd December 2013 - Texas.

Love everything about these guys and this site. Does exactly what it wants to do! I've been shopping around on other cannabis sites for a while where you get no personal interaction, totally different here!!! The guys take time out to make sure you are happy with what you're buying and give you everything you need!!

Marcus 21st December 2013 - Washington.

Friendly people and wonderful service. Very helpful and thats exactly what I wanted!!

Kimberley 20th December 2013 - Tennessee.

My seeds actually came within 2 days of ordering!!!!! Amazing from the guys

Robert 20th December 2013 - Edinburgh.

People must be out of their minds to try and use any other seed bank!!!!

Daniel 19th December 2013 - New York.

I ordered something wrong by mistake, managed to get it send back and replacement sent!! Can't fault them on any account!!

Eddie 19th December 2013 - Blackpool.

The website is so easy to use it makes it so much easier than other website!!! Loved the packing too won't shop anywhere else

Max 19th December 2013 - London.

Only just discovered MWS after looking at a High Times book. So glad I decided to shop with them it was the best decision i've made today!!

Casper 17th December 2013 - Newcastle.

Love the range of products! I even emailed them asking if they have a seed that they didn't stock and they managed to get it for me and now stock the seed bank!! Any questions you have for these guys just ask!!!

Sooty 16th December 2013 - Florida.


Paul 16th December 2013 - Utah.

So helpful with everything I needed answered, highly recommended!! If you was having doubts about trying Midweek Song don't!

Rodney 14th December 2013 - California.

Love the detail they put into the packaging!! Order a safe book they're great!!

Stuart 14th December 2013 - New York.

Ordered thursday got them friday! can't complain about that

Alex 13th December 2013 - Manchester.

Service is so important when it comes to this and they don't fail to deliver!!!! Easiest thing I have done, love the range of choice!

Ben 13th December 2013 - Michigan.

Karl 12th December 2013 - Florida.

Always a pleasure when ordering from MWS

Alan 11th December 2013 - Florida.

When i first ordered I was unsure what to expect but the service they gave made everything easier!! Well done

Dennis 11th December 2013 - Florida.

Love the 3b's that they give away!! <3

Torey 10th December 2013 - Arizona.

Quick delivery and great stealth options. Never a doubt in my mind I will be ordering again very soon!<3

John 10th December 2013 - New Jersey.


Laura 9th December 2013 - Maryland.

Coming back to order again very soon!!

Sean 9th December 2013 - Maryland.

The only place I will go to shop now!

Dave 9th December 2013 - Maryland.

Ordered in October and ordered again a week ago both amazing!!

Jerry 8th December 2013 - Maryland.

Delivered quick and everything was great!

Donald 8th December 2013 - Maryland.


Henri 8th December 2013 - Maryland.

Top Prices, top service and top delivery!!! Can't wait to order again

Henri 7th December 2013 - Maryland.


Henri 8th December 2013 - Texas.

Used MWS a few times now and everytime they get better!! Can't wait to order again!

Andrew 7th December 2013 - Connecticut.

I'm a repeat customer for a reason, these guys are bloody great!!

Steven 7th December 2013 - London.

Great communication from start to finish! Love ordering from MWS!

Paul 7th December 2013 - London.


Flloyd 6th December 2013 - Wolverhampton.

Quality Seedbank. Don't bother going anywhere else these guys know what they're doing!!

Flloyd 6th December 2013 - New York.

Service again was awesome, cheers.

Pablo 5th December 2013 - California.

always reliable, always fast on their service, will continue to use for a long long long time!!

Kathy 5th December 2013 - Texas.


Nicholas 5th December 2013 - Texas.

Really fast and reliable what else do you want?

Jean 5th December 2013 - Texas.

Midweek Song has the service others could only dream of!!! Don't delay give them a try today!

Tim 3rd December 2013 - North Carolina.

I am a very loyal and happy customer here. Prompt delivery and great service!

Scott 3rd December 2013 - Ohio.

Extremely helpful and the staff know what they're talking about!

Rod 2nd December 2013 - Michigan.


Lucy 2nd December 2013 - Kansas.

Nothing but praise for MWS!!!

Stevie 2nd December 2013 - Alabama.

Great website!!

Byran 2nd December 2013 - Massachusetts.

What was i thinking ever ordering from anyone else?!?!?

Graeme 1st December 2013 - New York.
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