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Credit Card Update

As you may be aware we are still unable to take credit/debit cards. Please be aware you can still order using:

1. Bitcoin - http://bitcoinsimplified.org/ This is the quickest method as it is instant. We recommend reading the link provided for more information.

2. Bank Transfer - For more information about using a Bank Transfer please email us at [email protected] Please be aware most banks do charge high fee's for this method.

3. Cash orders - You can print our order form at the top of every page you visit on our website *Order Offline*.

Alternately you can put all the items in your basket that you wish to order, click proceed to checkout, then "Print Mail Order Form" which will download the form with all your products on it. All you have to do then is send your order, along with the money to the address on the top of the form. Once we receive your money your order will be sent.

We have no return date for the Credit/Debit card as the banks will not work with us so please do not email asking as the emails will be ignored.

For all orders over $500 please get in contact with us [email protected] for discount.

We do ship to USA and worldwide as stated all over the website.

The payment methods that we cannot accept are;

  1. PayPal
  2. Cashiers Cheque
  3. Western Union
  4. Credit and Debit cards

Thanks for your understanding and please be aware it is not our decision to not accept Credit/Debit cards. We are dictated to by the banks.

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