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Sex Feminized
Height Very Very High
Flowering Time 80 Days
Seed Bank Positronics
Yield 600g per plant
Type Sativa Dominant

Transport yourself to a medieval cathedral. Claustrum represents our sativa plant masterpiece: a cross between three bands strongly heterozygous families: Kali Mist, Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer The first cross was between Super Silver Haze X Kali Mist, with a highly unpredictable offspring. However a plant with 50% of its two ancestors was selected. This super-sativa hybrid is crossed with one of the best varieties of all history, Jack Herer. As a result, Claustrum merges the best sativas in the world. Vegetative plant with tremendous force, which surprises even the most experienced growers. It is advisable to optimize the lighting as the plant is able to absorb 100,000 lumens per m2 (600 watts) inside, where it can easily reach one meter high. Outdoors, if you provided a good substrate can reach 5 meters. It has a pattern of growth fir or candelabra, with large internodal distance and perfect distribution of branches, which allows for optimal aeration of the buds.Getting almost unlimited cuttings. Small amount of leaves but large. Develops a large and long hairs in bloom or stigmas.

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