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Genetics Grapefruit X OG Kush
Sex Regular
Height Medium Stocky
Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
Seed Bank RooR Seeds
Yield Medium
Type Indica Dominant

The i3 is one of the rare gems. Its parents are the Grapefruit and the OG Kush. Two of Californias most famous strains. One known for its commercial potential and the other for its connoisseur attributes. Together they make a magical strain that is rich in fruity flavor and is a quick flowering high yielder. At about 80% Indica this one will not dissapoint those looking for a strong stone. The i3 grows very stocky plants with a slight stretch but produces fantastic resin. Buds are densely coated in trichomes. Expect yields in the range of 300- 400 grams per square meter (which would be about eleven square feet). Be sure to have a large filter as this one really stinks in the last two weeks. The smell is like a pineapple lemon smoothie, its like citrus fireworks going off, an explosion of taste. Flush well for the last ten days but do not be afraid to load up on the P and K in weeks three to six. The high is also exceptional, very clear and uplifting. For medial patients this is a great one for pain, anxiety and stress relief if you want to maintain a clear head. The plant is perfect for see of green growing, make sure you clear the under brush allowing for bigger top cola production. The plant does really well in a hydro setup and can finish up to a week early. Its ripening cycle runs from 55 to 65 days about 8 to 9 weeks. It always advisable to check your buds with a loupe to see how amber the crystals are. This plants tastes best and has the clearest high around ten percent amber. If you are looking for a plant that stinks and is a huge yielder the i3 will certainly leave you satisfied.

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