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Genetics Cream Mandarine Auto x Super Thai ’98
Sex Auto Flowering
Height Up to 150cm
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Seed Bank BSB Genetics
Yield Up to 650gm2
Type Indica Dominant
THC Up to 23%
Mandarine Dream XL Auto is one of our top producing auto strains pushing out up to 650gm2. Her parent strain, Cream Mandarine Auto, is a descendant of Cream Caramel Auto, a lady responsible for 25 cup wins to date and brimming with superb flavour and potency. The sweetness passed down shines through in Mandarine Dream XL Auto as does her supreme potency and resin production. But Cream Mandarine also bring forwards a beautiful Orange flavour which has earnt her her title. The Super Thai ’98 clone used adds to the mix a strong sativa heritage with earthy, spicy and wooden undertones. Her sativa heritage is what ensure Mandarine Dream XL Auto produces a bumper crop and is a big girl who stretches out nicely throughout flowering. She creates multiple bud sights and may need support once she begins to fill out. Her resin production due to her indica heritage is very high and her THC count also is very high averaging out at 23%, this makes her an ideal choice for concentrates. The overriding flavour is of freshly squeezed Valencian Orange’s, a sublime flavour profile that must be experienced by those with a sweet tooth. But first you are lured in by her aroma, beautiful clean and fresh citric scents which will have your mouth watering and your mind excited by what’s to come. So sit back, relax and melt away into a sunset paradise while you indulge in a tropical cocktail of flavour and mind melting high.
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