What Else Will The Cannabis Act Legalize?

It has been a long rocky road to get there but next year adults in the country of Canada will have access to retail cannabis. Adults over the age of 19 will be able to purchase cannabis and cannabis products without having to have a physician or medical recommendation. There are many other things though that Canada will see with this change and the passing of The Cannabis Act.

Not only will adults in Canada be able to purchase cannabis and cannabis products from licensed providers they will also be able to grow their own. This is something only a handful of patients and consumers in legal states in the US are able to do. Unlike states in the United States which allow adults to grow their own cannabis for recreational purposes, in Canada, there has been no cap placed upon how much a resident of legal age can possess in their own private residence.

With the passing of The Cannabis Act adults will also be able to share cannabis with their adult friends. The only stipulation is the same as what stands in states such as Colorado in the US, no money is allowed to be exchanged but you will be able to gift cannabis to a friend.

Under The Cannabis Act, Canadian adult citizens will also be able to make their own cannabis extractions using nonorganic solvents. This means that you will not be able to utilize butane or propane to extract and make cannabis concentrates. Alternatively, you will be able to utilize rosin presses to make heat press rosin which is said to be the purest cannabis concentrate available.

We can't forget to mention that bongs, pipes, and other paraphernalia will finally be legal in the country with the passing of The Cannabis Act. That's right it's still illegal to possess a pipe or bong in the country despite your age and the fact that they've had legal medical cannabis laws in effect for years. This will change though, next summer.

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