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  • Medical vs Retail Cannabis Edibles

    Cannabis edibles are a great way for many people to enjoy the benefits that cannabis has to offer. For those who don't partake in the smoking or vaping lifestyle consuming cannabis edibles can be essential for them to receive valuable Phytocannabinoids. Cannabis edibles are available on both the retail/recreational and medical sides of the cannabis market.

    The average retail cannabis dispensary offers 100 mg cannabis edibles to the public 21 and up with a valid state-issued ID. Medical dispensaries however, are a little bit different. In Colorado, for example, you can get a chocolate bar called FUBAR that is 420 mg of THC. You can also get gummy like candies called Pucks that come in 250mg containers with 10 pieces, each with 25 mg of THC.

    Pucks come in fruit flavors like cherry, watermelon, strawberry, and assorted. They are a little bit different than other edibles as they use a method in making them called Nano-extraction. A 25 mg Puck may hit you much faster than what you would expect. A new consumer might feel a little too relaxed and end up taking a nap consuming one of these whereas a seasoned consumer will want to eat all 10.

    Always be vigilant and careful when consuming cannabis edibles. The best advice is to try them when you have some downtime, so you will know how they affect you. Enjoy your cannabis edibles and always remember to keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Marijuana Has a Bad Wrap

    Marijuana has a bad wrap and I'm not talking about a badly wrapped joint. In fact, it isn't actually called marijuana. Cannabis would be the correct name. Marijuana is a fictitious name that was brought to be during the beginning of cannabis prohibition by the US government. In 1937 when Federal government officials signed the MJ Tax Act cannabis was called marihuana with the misspelling using the H instead of the J. Even way back then the federal government had no clue as to what cannabis truly was.

    What they did know is that cannabis promoted unity and that brought people together. When people came together and got along there would be no need for politicians. For obvious reasons, they knew they needed to put a stop to cannabis before it got out of control and everyone was getting along. So the Reefer Madness era was born. Negative anti-cannabis propaganda was filmed by the United States federal government in an effort to furthermore brainwash the community globally to the truth about cannabis.

    While the federal government to cannabis as the devil's lettuce and many other harsh names this was very far from the truth. The federal government today on cannabis. I guess they know that it's good for something. Unfortunately, people around the world are still persecuted and prosecuted for their love of this all natural plant. Every human being on the planet has an endocannabinoid system that has been deprived of cannabinoids due to cannabis prohibition.

    When will it end? As soon as all these seeds that have been buried over the years flower into a beautiful forest turning into a sea of green that will change the world for the better. Marijuana's got a bad wrap. If you'd like to learn more about cannabis and the good wrap it should have check out the new updated version of Afroman Because I Got High on WeedMaps.

  • Holy Anointing Oil - What is It?

    As you probably know there are many different ways in which cannabis can offer benefits to the body. One of those ways is through topical applications of products such as lotions, salves, creams, and oils. If you are rooted in the cannabis culture or have looked into different topical oils chances are you have probably heard of what is called Holy Anointing Oil. You may also find this term being familiar if you have ever read the Holy Bible.


    It was stated in the book of Exodus chapter 30 verse 23 to Moses that he shall "make of these a sacred anointing Blended as by the perfumer" and that it should "be a holy anointing oil." The ingredients stated to be used in making this holy anointing oil included myrrh, sweet cinnamon, cassia, olive oil and Kaneh-bosem. Kaneh-bosem translates to cannabis meaning that the same plant that we love so much today was also part of one of the most sacred oils referenced in the Holy Bible.


    Unfortunately, the times have not progressed enough for this oil to be available in dispensaries alongside other oils or even concentrates but that too shall change as the legalization of cannabis progresses. If you are one of the lucky ones who are able to access this amazing product through personal sources I am sure that it is safe to say that you have witnessed the miracles that it can perform first-hand. This is just one more reason why cannabis should be legalized around the world.

  • CBD Studies Give Hope to Tourette and Schizophrenia Patients

    As more places around the world as well as states in the United States take steps to legalize cannabis the more research we have into the medical benefits and applications that it offers. Thanks to this study researchers at the University of Wollongong recently made a remarkable discovery that could potentially positively benefit the lives of thousands of individuals around the world. Professor Nadia Solowij, Dr. Katrina Green and Ashley Osborne who is a Ph.D. candidate at Wollongong recently did a detailed review of 27 different studies on CBD.

    What they discovered they described as being "fascinating insights about its potential therapeutic value". Their release and report regarding their findings stated that not only will CBD improve learning and memory in healthy brains but "may improve aspects of learning and memory and illnesses associated with cognitive impairment including Alzheimer's disease as well as neurological and neuroinflammatory disorders." Ashley Greene who was the lead researcher on the review also stated that CBD could be" capable of reducing cognitive impairment that's commonly associated with the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis THC."

    These findings lead researchers to believe that CBD could play a major role in treating conditions such as Tourettes Syndrome and Schizophrenia. A preliminary study released previous this year that was conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto with the backup of the Tourette Association of America stated that their study found 18 of 19 participants saw much improvement after adding inhalable cannabis to their regimens. A report by NORML on the study stated that every participant in the study experienced "clinically significant symptom relief." This relief came in the form of reduced irritability, reduce anxiety, reduced rage outbursts, and reduced obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

    The end of cannabis prohibition continues to occur in places around the world the amount of research and knowledge that we will have pertaining to the medical applications of cannabis is expected only to increase. Seeing how all studies show the risk of cannabis being much lower than the potential benefits that it offers we feel that it's high time prohibition was ended once and for all.

  • Cannabis May Help Treat These Common Ailments Naturally and Safely

    Throughout history, cannabis has been utilized by cultures around the world for its medical benefits. Even despite the prohibition of cannabis people have taken the risk to continue self-medicating with cannabis because well, it works. Today thankfully we are starting to see a change and the movement to end cannabis prohibition worldwide is gaining significant ground. With this progress, we are not only seeing more anecdotal evidence based stories than ever before we are also starting to see many scientific studies that prove cannabis's effectiveness as a medicine for treating many different ailments, diseases, and conditions.

    While cannabis has helped many individuals combat things such as cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer's it is also greatly effective at treating many of the common ailments that people of all ages experience around the world. Let's take a journey together and look at a few of the common ailments that cannabis may be very efficient at providing relief from. You may just be surprised at how many of the common over-the-counter chemical-based pharmaceuticals cannabis can replace.


    Nausea and vomiting are something that almost every person will experience at some point in their lives. While medicine may not always be required to combat this ailment many individuals are apt to turn to things such as Pepto-Bismol, Dramamine, and Imodium. While these products may provide relief, they also come with a long list of potentially dangerous side effects. Luckily there is a safe and natural alternative to these medicines known as cannabis that has proven to be very effective at treating nausea. Unfortunately, it's still highly illegal for many people around the world to reap its benefits.


    Insomnia is a condition that affects thousands of individuals every night despite their best efforts to tire out their mind and body throughout the day. For some individuals to obtain a good night's rest they turn to over the counter pharmaceutical such as Tylenol PM, Unisom, and others. Ironically one of the biggest side effects that cannabis can cause is tiredness and for some, it is a saving grace when even the OTC medicines fail to provide relief.


    Even though cannabis is known for causing a good nights sleep, there are specific variations of it that can actually cause the opposite effect providing an uplifting and energetic effect. While some people are reliant upon caffeine to fight fatigue, cannabis could be a much safer alternative when it is the right product being consumed. For most individuals, sativa strains will help combat fatigue as they are known for providing uplifting and energetic effects.

    These are a just a few of the common ailments in which cannabis may be able to provide you with significant relief from. Do you utilize cannabis for any of these common ailments? If so weed love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

  • The Many Ways to Consume Cannabis

    When it comes to consuming cannabis the most familiar way that people know of is smoking it. Today however as more individuals are utilizing cannabis as a medicine there are a multitude of different ways in which you can partake. While smoking cannabis is effective for some individuals who suffer a multitude of different conditions it's not the most effective for some. Let's take a look at a few ways that medical cannabis patients are choosing to medicate today.


    Smoking cannabis is one consumption method and as previously mentioned the most well-known. This is how individuals have medicated for hundreds even thousands of years. There are many benefits to smoking cannabis but the biggest benefit is the quick rate in which the effects are felt. Often times when consuming cannabis by smoking it, patients will feel the effects within just minutes which is much faster than some of the other methods mentioned below. One downfall that many patients find with smoking is the fact that the effects are not often long lived meaning they must medicate more often which can be inconvenient especially when there is not an area available constantly in which they can medicate in.


    Vaping cannabis has quickly grown in popularity over recent years. Many individuals feel that vaping cannabis is much healthier than smoking it while still offering some of the benefits such as quick effectiveness. Vaping according to research greatly reduces the number of carcinogens in which are inhaled by patients during the medicating process. Like with smoking, when vaping cannabis, the effects often wear off quickly. Vaping however is much more inconspicuous and is often not accompanied by the overwhelming aroma that smoking cannabis produces.


    Cannabis infused edibles are a big consumption method amongst the medical cannabis community and there are many reasons why. Two of the biggest benefits for patients who consume edibles is their ability to microdose with the products and the discretion they provide. Edibles unlike smoking or vaping cannabis does not produce an aroma and can be consumed anywhere that food is allowed with complete discretion. Many patients love edibles because they can take small doses of them throughout the day and the effects are much longer lived than with other consumption methods.


    Cannabis topicals are another very common consumption method amongst the medical cannabis community and are very rarely utilized by recreational consumers simply because they do not produce a high. They do however provide significant relief from things such as muscle spasms, chronic pain, nausea and more. Topicals come in many different forms including creams, lotions, oils and even patches and are applied externally to the skin.

    These are just some of the amazing products that are helping medical cannabis patients around the world find relief from things such as chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, seizures, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal issues and much more.

  • Stats You May Not Know About Cannabis and Seniors

    Over recent years as the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes has progressed in a positive manner we have started to see and collect some amazing statistics. Some of those statistics are centered around who is consuming cannabis and the results may just surprise you. While some people are probably thinking it's college kids just looking to get high it is quite the opposite. One of the largest growing populations of cannabis consumers is actually the senior population.

    This makes perfect sense when you start to think about who stands to benefit the most from the consumption of this herb. The senior population is more commonly diagnosed with conditions in which cannabis has proven to be effective at treating. Things such as arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and chronic pain are suffered by millions of seniors and coincidentally cannabis has shown great promise in providing relief from these conditions and in some cases even eliminating them.

    For many seniors who are choosing cannabis as their preferred medicine, they are not only seeing great success but are in many cases able to drastically reduce the number of pharmaceuticals in which they rely on and in some cases completely eliminate them from their treatment regimen. This is not only allowing them to live a higher quality life but it is also eliminating the side effects and dangerous risks that are associated with long-term pharmaceutical use.

    According to an article published on "data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that from 2002 to 2014, marijuana use among those 55 to 64 years old rose from 1.1 percent of the population to 6.1 percent, a 455 percent increase. " That is the most significant increase of cannabis consumption amongst any recorded population.

    When you stop to think about it the senior population of today consists highly of individuals who were teenagers in the 60s and 70s when the major movement towards relegalization began. With this all in mind, it's easy to see how their population is the fastest growing population of cannabis consumers.

  • Conclusions of Recent Cannabis Studies

    As noted in our previous blog post there are many benefits that cannabis has to offer including but not limited to medical benefits, economic benefits, and social benefits. Over the last several years there have been many groundbreaking medical cannabis studies that are unparalleled to ones we have seen in the past. Let's look at some of the most sensational and mind-blowing discoveries surrounding medical cannabis in recent years.

    Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

    Over recent years the number of opioid painkillers sold in the United States have quadrupled. Due to the increase of narcotic opioid painkillers into society it is estimated that nearly two million Americans have become addicted to these dangerous drugs. Nearly 16,000 people lose their lives every year to these FDA approved harmful substances. The good news is the same study in which discovered these numbers found that states who had implemented legal medical cannabis programs saw a significant reduction in the number of prescriptions prescribed as well as the number of people admitted to rehab or treated in emergency facilities for opioids. With the United States being in the middle of an opioid epidemic this is incredible news that could potentially save thousands of lives.

    Cannabis as an Alternative Treatment for Cancer

    Cancer is suffered by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Research has shown that cannabinoids within the cannabis plant can bond with cells in the body and in certain cases with specific types of cancers the cannabinoids can cause the cancer cells to self-destruct. This means that cannabis may not only be a great medicine for those suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy while under cancer treatment it may actually be an alternative to chemotherapy for some patients. 

    Cannabis- Helping to Heal Broken Bones

    In 2007 a study was conducted that found that cannabis may be able to help broken bones heal faster thanks to the endocannabinoids system found in the body of every mammal. This study looked specifically at how cannabinoids help with the regulation of bone mass. A follow-up study in 2009 also found positive results and concluded that cannabinoids could potentially be used to combat osteoporosis.

    These are just a few of the studies conducted over the last decade that have concluded incredible results regarding cannabis’ efficiency as a medicine. With more states in the U.S. and countries around the world taking steps to legalize and regulate cannabis, more research will be performed in the coming years and their conclusions are sure to bring about some incredible discoveries.

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