• A U.S. Retail Market Update – Where’s What Legal?

    Last November 4 states in the United States passed laws that would regulate and legalize a retail cannabis market for residents in and tourists to their states. California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine joined Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington in the ever-growing list of states within the US who have chosen to legalize retail cannabis markets for adults.

    Nevada has already opened up its doors to this market allowing adults over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries. California is working out the details, but they are not very far behind. The latest news coming out of Massachusetts predicts that the state will see legal retail cannabis dispensaries before next summer. Maine, however, is facing major opposition from the governor. This is despite the fact that the residents of the state voted yes on a retail cannabis market last fall.

    Governor Paul LePage was described by Merry Jane as being a "staunch prohibitionist" and this can be seen clearly in his continued opposition to any piece of legislation that would legalize a retail cannabis market in the state. Recently legislators passed a committee bill that will regulate the legal weed industry that was approved by voters.

    The House and the Senate have finally agreed upon licensing, limitation rules and tax structures thus far. Unfortunately, the bill has now been sent to the governor's desk and it is highly anticipated that he will veto it. He will have 10 days to either sign the bill, veto it, or it will pass automatically after 10 days which of course is what we're hoping for. If the bill is vetoed by the governor, legislators will not revisit the issue again until January. This means that legal retail cannabis dispensaries could still be a far reach away for adults in the state of Maine.

  • Cannabis is Creating Thousands of Jobs

    One of the biggest benefits that the emerging cannabis industry is offering is an enormous amount of new jobs that didn't exist previously. In states that have legalized cannabis in the United States they have seen hundreds and in some cases, thousands of new jobs created offering financial security to thousands of individuals throughout local communities. Let's take a look at some of the statistics surrounding the job creation that the cannabis industry is providing.

    The most recent news regarding how many jobs the cannabis industry is creating comes out of the state of Arkansas. Arkansas legalized medical cannabis last year and are in the process of implementing a legally regulated market within the state. Advocates estimate that the legal emerging market in the state will create 500 to 600 new jobs in the near future. As the industry emerges in the state there will not only be jobs created for those working directly in the industry but also for individuals such as real estate agents, construction workers, and others.

    Within a few years, it is most likely that you will see several thousand people employed thanks to the cannabis industry just as we have seen in other states. Take, for example, Colorado. Colorado was the first state in the United States to legalize a market for retail cannabis for adults over the age of 21. This market opened in 2014 and in 2016 the industry created an excess of 18,000 jobs within the state. That means that there were 18,000 people that were able to provide meals, shelter, and clothing for their families that may not been able to do so otherwise. If you ask us job creation in combination with just how safe cannabis has proven to be should be enough to regulate it and legalize It worldwide.

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