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  • Growing Your Collection of Cannabis Seeds to Perfection

    Growing cannabis in many places is unfortunately still against the law. Growing a prized cannabis seed collection however in many of these places is not against the law. Regular cannabis seeds are what many collectors are after. There is talk that in the future cannabis seeds will only be available in the form of feminized cannabis seeds. If this becomes true, then only those who have regular cannabis seeds would have the ability to produce more seeds without buying from a licensed supplier.

    Could this really happen? Or, is this just another form of propaganda being used a cannabis scare tactic?

    If it were a scare tactic, what would be the reasoning behind it? Could it be to try and discredit the breeders and growers who produce cannabis seeds? If so why? Nobody is sure. Something that is clear about cannabis is that government officials in just about any place have no support for cannabis until it’s them or their loved one who needs it or the financial side of it presents an opportunity for them.  Collect your cannabis seeds because in the future you are going to need them. Just look at the seed collectors from decades gone by. Somewhere, someone has my holy grail of cannabis seeds. A pack of original Skunk seeds from the Sacred Seed Collective.

    Just think of what a joy it must have been when the Exodus Collective went to grow their pack of seeds and one of them phenotyped into what today is “reefered” to as Exodus Cheese aka UK Cheese! Who knows one day in the future this could be you. But, without a good collection on hand, you may not be able to sow the land when the time comes. When you want to build your cannabis seed collection with nothing but the best cannabis seed genetics on the planet there’s only one place you need to go. That place is the legendary purveyor of premium cannabis seed genetics, Midweek Song.

  • Girl Scout Cookies - The Cannabis Strain

    Girl Scout Cookies the cannabis strain not the cookies is sometimes referred to as GSC. Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain created from two legends. The legendary Sativa Durban Poison and the legendary OG Kush come together to create the all mighty and powerful Girl Scout Cookies. This strain of cannabis has won countless cannabis cups. THC percentages come in super strong making this some absolutely potent pot.

    Not only are THC percentages high so are flavor profiles. Girl Scout Cookies have an earthy aroma with a very sweet flavor. They don't taste like Girl Scout Cookies, but they may leave you wanting to munch down a box or two. Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent strain for appetite loss as well as chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety. This hybrid provides many consumers with a balance of relaxation and pain relief while at the same time providing mind stimulating effects many people refer to as cerebral.

    Girl Scout Cookies are not recommended for a beginner grower. It's best to have a little knowledge about growing other hybrids before jumping into this one. It's not to say that it can't be done though. The best plan is to make sure to have these incredible Girl Scout Cookie cannabis seeds on hand when the time comes for you to sew and grow what you love. Flowering times will vary between 7 to 12 weeks. The average yield will vary by the grower.

    When flowered to perfection you can expect to see beautiful bright green calyxes wrapping around potent purple leaves. That's not all though. You'll also see fiery orange hairs helping to give this beautiful bud that extra flair and sex appeal. When you're looking for a lovely lady to add to your cannabis seed collection at home if you don't have these in it you must be stoned. If you're looking to get your hands on some Girl Scout Cookie cannabis seeds for your collection you're in luck because you'll find them in stock waiting to head to your door at Midweek Song.


  • Collectors Are Collecting More Cannabis Seeds

    Cannabis seeds is a search term that is showing up in more browsers today than ever before. Responsible cannabis reform has begun. The United States of America waged a war on drugs, and particularly an attempt to eradicate cannabis completely. This war if you will has finally seen a victor. The United States influences countries around the world to also attempt to eradicate cannabis and prosecute those involved with it to the fullest but their evil plan did not succeed. Today unlike times in the past people can now buy cannabis seeds online and build an exquisite collection of premium cannabis seeds.


    A single seed can tip the scale, and that's just the case with cannabis seeds. These tiny little seeds have flowered into a plethora of varieties. Indica cannabis seeds and sativa cannabis seeds along with feminized cannabis seeds give consumers and collectors today options like never before. Cannabis seeds also come in different varieties such as regular cannabis seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds. The unique characteristics of each seed type offer an attractive allure for both collectors and consumers.


    Putting together the cannabis seed collection of your dreams is easy to do as long as you follow the rules. With laws changing on a continual basis, it's always a great idea to find a credible source to stay up to date with current cannabis laws where you live. Some people are allowed to grow while others are only allowed to collect. Some people unfortunately still are not allowed to even have a seed in their possession.


    Cannabis seeds produce what many are discovering to be an extremely potent and powerful medicine. The medicine produced from cannabis seeds is helping people with conditions ranging from anxiety,  depression, and PTSD all the way to Dravet Syndrome epilepsy, cancer, Crohn's disease and more. While it's not a cure for everyone it does offer consumers a higher quality of life. With people around the world opening their eyes to realize the awesome medicine this plant holds, collectors are seen how this plant will be in demand. They're stocking up and building epic cannabis seed collections of some of the rarest and most beautiful cannabis seeds.

  • 3 Reasons Why People Collect Cannabis Seeds

    Collecting quality premium cannabis seeds is gaining popularity all around the world especially in places where the previous draconian cannabis laws are being reformed. Some people may ask why individuals would choose to collect something such as cannabis seeds which is understandable seeing how most people would only obtain cannabis seeds to eventually grow or cultivate them. There are many reasons why people choose to collect cannabis seeds but we have narrowed it down to what we feel are the top three reasons why collectors are starting to create showcases of cannabis genetics in the form of a seed.

    To Preserve Genetics

    While some cannabis collectors are simply passionate cannabis consumers who want to have their own stash of awesome cannabis genetics others are passionate about preserving the history of cannabis which includes strains that someday may not be available like they are today. Collecting cannabis seeds allows these passionate individuals to help preserve the history as well as the genetics of this amazing plant that we all adore.

    To Breed New Strains

    When it comes to breeding cannabis one of the greatest accomplishments that an individual can achieve is to breed a new strain of ganja. By collecting a diverse selection of different cannabis strains when these collectors are finally able to cultivate the genetics legally they know that having as many as possible on hand will make the task of breeding new strains much easier.

    Bragging Rights

    While some collectors are looking to preserve history and others are looking to create a new future for cannabis other simply want to have a beautiful showcase of premium cannabis seeds simply to say that they have them. As the prohibition of cannabis starts to come to an end around the world more people are starting to be able to legally cultivate cannabis and who could possibly brag more than the collector with all the great genetics just sitting in their showcase ready to be germinated and cultivated to perfection.

    These are just a few reasons in which individuals choose to collect cannabis seeds. If you are a cannabis seed collector we would love to hear more about why you have chosen to build a showcase of cannabis genetics if you would be so kind enough to share it with us.

  • Cannabis Seeds Aren't Just For THC

    Cannabis seeds today have changed compared to those of the past. You'll hear many people say that the weed today is much stronger than it ever was. This may or may not be true depending on who you're speaking to. Experienced growers have been able to produce potent powerful and phenomenal strains of cannabis such as Northern Lights, Roadkill Skunk, Early Pearl, Early Girl, Pineapple Express, Acapulco Gold, Maui Waui, and others for decades now.

    Today cannabis seed collectors have an exquisite array of cannabis seeds when it comes to the selection for their showcases. The cannabis seeds of today are available for collectors in a multitude of hybrid varieties. These hybrid cannabis seeds are not always bred for having high THC content like they have been in the past. A new era of cannabis seeds have been born with high CBD strains. Some strains are going as high as 16:1 CBD to THC.

    This is because the medical cannabis community that consumes the pot is not looking to get stoned. Many people are simply looking to function and perform daily tasks such as taking care of children or other family members, going to and from work, as well as running other general life errands. People don't want to be in a cloudy haze of relaxation when they need to have the energy at hand to accomplish the tasks of the day.

    For this reason, strains are starting to be bred with lower THC and higher CBD contents. Just like craft beer developed and created an entirely different generation and community of beer connoisseurs the same is evolving with cannabis. Instead of it being about high alcohol per volume or in this case THC per milligram other factors are taken into consideration.

    Taste profiles, aroma profiles, and cannabinoid profiles are some of those factors that are helping to change the way cannabis seed collectors collect cannabis seeds of their dreams. If you're a cannabis seed collector or know someone who is then there is a good chance you'll find some high CBD strains like Harlequin or Shark Shock in their collection. One of the main misconceptions about CBD is where it is derived from. CBD is found in both the hemp plant and the "marijuana" plant. The only difference is the active parts per million of the CBD cannabinoid.

    CBD that comes from medical grade hemp on average has 25 active parts per million. CBD that comes from Cannabis sativa l aka marijuana, ganja, pot, weed, or one of many other names averages 150,000 active parts per million of CBD. So as you can imagine collectors not only are collecting cannabis seeds in the form of marijuana seeds they are also collecting cannabis seeds in the form of hemp seeds. There is a wide array of hemp cultivars just like there's a huge selection of cannabis strains available for cannabis seed collectors around the world.


  • 10 Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

    Marijuana legalization has many benefits. The list of benefits that comes from the ending of marijuana prohibition goes on for days. Here are just 10 benefits off the top of my head that show effectively just how well marijuana legalization works. Marijuana legalization should already have happened across our country in every state in America. The only reason marijuana is still illegal is because those who support prohibition have politicians in their pocket preventing laws from going into effect. The simple truth is marijuana is a medicine that will help tens of thousands of people and that is not all. Let's look at ten benefits of legalizing marijuana.

    1-Prescription drug overdose reduction is a major benefit of marijuana legalization. Pharmaceutical companies will disagree because this cuts into their 80 billion-dollar-a-year plus profits. No they do not care about moms dads aunts and uncles brothers and sisters dying and family members suffering.

    2-Crime rates have gone down in states that have legalized marijuana making it a safe assumption to think that it would have the same effect in places across the country.

    3-Legal access to a medicine that is saving the lives of men, women, and children across our country and around the globe without having to become a medical marijuana refugee to legally consume it

    4-Allows authorities to focus on violent crimes rather than arresting and incarcerating individuals for having some dried flowers.

    5-Scholarship programs are abundant thanks to tax revenue from marijuana legalization.

    6-The school system in legal states receive incredible amounts of funds instead of losing funds to political overspending and miss allocation of tax dollars.

    7- A legal marijuana market is healthier and safer than the black market due to regulation and availability.

    8-Incarceration rates will decline. With marijuana legalization comes the inevitable incarceration reduction rate. Cannabis consumers make role model inmates who have been incarcerated for profit for too long for their crimes of possession or growing a plant.

    9-Stomping out the black market is a huge benefit of marijuana legalization. When states place active laws that allow legal access to recreational or retail marijuana they help to stomp out the black market. By cutting cartels out of the picture states make the money instead of drug lords and citizens reap the benefits instead of an individual or gang.

    10-Financial structuring for tens of thousands who own ancillary services that cater to the cannabis industry who would otherwise not have this ability.

    These are just a few of the many benefits associated with legalizing marijuana. It really makes you wonder why it was ever made illegal in the first place.

  • Another State Set to Legalize Marijuana


    The votes have been tallied; the people have spoken, and the state is listening. What state might this be; it is Pennsylvania who looks to be next in line for legal medical marijuana. Making marijuana legal to patients in Pennsylvania has been a long time coming. Talks of how to regulate it, what to allow for use and what type of conditions to cover were all part of the decision process before a bill could even head to the House for the vote.

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  • March Promotions

    Runs March 1st- 31st 2016

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  • Lighting and Nutrients for your Canna Plants

    Growing marijuana is not as simple as it used to be a 100 years ago when it actually grew wild and free. It was easily obtainable, easy to find and grew without any assistance, although it was not top notch quality it was still a plant that got you high, medicated you and was used as a nutrient source. Today though, we are learning more and more about the cannabis plant, the cannabinoids it has that offer the medical benefits we use cannabis for today. So what makes your plant so tasty, so smelly and potent, let’s take a look at what goes into growing your cannabis.

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  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

    I am sure anyone who has used cannabis in life, at some point has over paid for this lovely crop. Some think it is the distance and length we must go through to get it, others know it is how the cannabis is grown may be what is causing the cost to rise, either way it can get expensive, especially if you are a medical user. The nice part is that you have options on how to produce your crop or at least options to educate yourself on how your crop is produce, so that you are not over paying plus you will understand more about the cannabis that you are using as well.

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