Arrested for Cannabis

  • Getting Popped for Pot Sucks Alot

    Getting popped for pot really sucks. Not only do the police take your weed they don't give it back LOL! They arrest you, put you in jail, charge you a bunch of money, destroy your life, and take away your right and ability to access to the plant altogether. They make you undergo drug testing and counseling. In fact, these people need to be drug tested and counseled in my opinion.

    I bet you'd find they're on some form of pharmaceutical prescription drugs as well as an underlying issue of authority and control coming from their parents or someone else close to them in their life. Either they were held too much or not enough. This has lead them to a life where they must control and dominate what others do. Is it just me or does it seem that those in authority positions typically were bullied? It seems the kid that was picked on in school or that had parents too strict or not strict enough are oftentimes the ones that become law enforcement officers and workers of the state.

    Getting popped for pot sucks no matter where you live. The only time getting popped for growing pot or having pot on you that wouldn't suck would be if you were falsely raided in a state like Washington, Oregon, or Colorado in the United States and were in compliance with local state laws. The downside is the federal government can still push for prosecution. Really screwed up form of freedom right there. Sure you can do it. Hey, I didn't say you can do that. Damn, someone needs to make up their mind.

    It's no wonder the rest of the world has such a wild and screwed-up viewpoint of America. Sending out mixed emotions and signals about what you can and can't-do obviously causes confusion. If you've been popped for pot then you know it sucks. The late Howard Mark AKA Mr. Nice is an individual that would have been able to explain this to you all too well. How about Marc Emery? What about Tim McBride? These are just a handful of people that have been prosecuted over pot. They were busted for a natural plant that has zero deaths linked to it ever in recorded human history.

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