Growing Your Collection of Cannabis Seeds to Perfection

Growing cannabis in many places is unfortunately still against the law. Growing a prized cannabis seed collection however in many of these places is not against the law. Regular cannabis seeds are what many collectors are after. There is talk that in the future cannabis seeds will only be available in the form of feminized cannabis seeds. If this becomes true, then only those who have regular cannabis seeds would have the ability to produce more seeds without buying from a licensed supplier.

Could this really happen? Or, is this just another form of propaganda being used a cannabis scare tactic?

If it were a scare tactic, what would be the reasoning behind it? Could it be to try and discredit the breeders and growers who produce cannabis seeds? If so why? Nobody is sure. Something that is clear about cannabis is that government officials in just about any place have no support for cannabis until it’s them or their loved one who needs it or the financial side of it presents an opportunity for them.  Collect your cannabis seeds because in the future you are going to need them. Just look at the seed collectors from decades gone by. Somewhere, someone has my holy grail of cannabis seeds. A pack of original Skunk seeds from the Sacred Seed Collective.

Just think of what a joy it must have been when the Exodus Collective went to grow their pack of seeds and one of them phenotyped into what today is “reefered” to as Exodus Cheese aka UK Cheese! Who knows one day in the future this could be you. But, without a good collection on hand, you may not be able to sow the land when the time comes. When you want to build your cannabis seed collection with nothing but the best cannabis seed genetics on the planet there’s only one place you need to go. That place is the legendary purveyor of premium cannabis seed genetics, Midweek Song.

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