When it comes to the many different cannabis festivals, cups, and events surrounding the community and culture they can be found in abundance. Many people are familiar with the High Times Cannabis Cup and a few others such as Spannabis and the Seattle Medical Cup. How many more cannabis cups are you familiar with? Have you heard of the ICMAG Breeders Cup? How about Expo Grow, The Private Cannabis Cup, Treating Yourself Medical Cup, Copa de las Canarias, or Cannabis Tipo Forte Expo?

There's also legends such as the famous Emerald Cup in California as well as countless other cannabis cups emerging across legal states in America. All of these events have one thing in common. They showcase the best of the best. From gardening supplies and lighting all the way to the best genetics on the planet, these events have it all. Each event will entail a different venue. Some focus on music, the arts, and a good time while others focus on education and information.

No matter what the focus is the most important thing for all of these events is that people have a good time. Bringing the culture and community together through something we already love to help share and spread knowledge based on this incredible plant, what else could you ask for? Well, of course, other than free weed! That would just be cool AF. Actually, some of these events do cater to the free weed avenue from a certain perspective. If you have the proper medical prescription there are usually open consumption areas designated for medical patients at many of these events.

When it comes to the multiple cannabis festivals, cups, and expos happening around the world just how many of them do you know? There's a lot more to it than just the High Times Cannabis Cup that so many people are familiar with. Check out some of the local talent at one of the incredibly cool local venues supporting the cannabis community and culture near you. As we all know sharing is caring. So if you happen to know about a cool event coming up pertaining to the cannabis lifestyle be a bud and share with your buds. Let us know what type of cannabis festivals you're planning to attend. Also, we'd love to know where and when. Remember a single seed can tip the scales of ijustice towards the favor of the people. You have the power to be the seed.