Seed Banks

  • Growing Your Collection of Cannabis Seeds to Perfection

    Growing cannabis in many places is unfortunately still against the law. Growing a prized cannabis seed collection however in many of these places is not against the law. Regular cannabis seeds are what many collectors are after. There is talk that in the future cannabis seeds will only be available in the form of feminized cannabis seeds. If this becomes true, then only those who have regular cannabis seeds would have the ability to produce more seeds without buying from a licensed supplier.

    Could this really happen? Or, is this just another form of propaganda being used a cannabis scare tactic?

    If it were a scare tactic, what would be the reasoning behind it? Could it be to try and discredit the breeders and growers who produce cannabis seeds? If so why? Nobody is sure. Something that is clear about cannabis is that government officials in just about any place have no support for cannabis until it’s them or their loved one who needs it or the financial side of it presents an opportunity for them.  Collect your cannabis seeds because in the future you are going to need them. Just look at the seed collectors from decades gone by. Somewhere, someone has my holy grail of cannabis seeds. A pack of original Skunk seeds from the Sacred Seed Collective.

    Just think of what a joy it must have been when the Exodus Collective went to grow their pack of seeds and one of them phenotyped into what today is “reefered” to as Exodus Cheese aka UK Cheese! Who knows one day in the future this could be you. But, without a good collection on hand, you may not be able to sow the land when the time comes. When you want to build your cannabis seed collection with nothing but the best cannabis seed genetics on the planet there’s only one place you need to go. That place is the legendary purveyor of premium cannabis seed genetics, Midweek Song.

  • The Differences of Cannabis Genetics – Regular vs Feminized vs Autoflowering

    With so many types of cannabis genetics, it can become quite confusing for those who are new to cultivating cannabis or cannabis seed collecting. Cannabis seeds genetics come in three basic forms including regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. You can find Indica strains, sativa strains and hybrid strains in all of these different genetic forms which only adds to the confusion for some. Let's take a look at the differences between these types of genetics and clear up some of the confusion that you may have.


    Regular cannabis seeds are what you are used to finding in a bag of round town brown. When cultivated regular cannabis seeds can produce male or female plants. When it comes to the plants that produce females regular cannabis seeds require devotion and patience as you must manipulate the amount of light in which they are receiving to force them from vegetative growth into the flowering stage.


    Feminized cannabis seeds are a favorite amongst cannabis cultivators and collectors as they are guaranteed to genetically produce a female plant which is what growers are looking for when their goal is to produce psychoactive cannabis. Feminized plants similar to regular plants require manipulation of their light cycle in order for them to begin budding. Many breeders and growers love feminized seeds simply because it takes the guesswork out of whether or not their plants will be male or female aside from this fact feminized seeds are the same as regular seeds.


    Autoflowering cannabis seeds like regular seeds can produce male or female plants however many times auto flowering plants are also feminized but this is not always the case. Some people get this confused and are disappointed when their plants autoflower into males. An autoflowering cannabis seed simply means that the seed will automatically enter the flowering stage from vegetative growth at a certain age automatically with no interaction whereas feminized or regular seeds require a change in the amount of light that they are given to force them into the flowering stage.

    We hope that this information helps you in making an educated decision in regards to the genetics that you wish to purchase for cultivating or collecting purposes. You can find a wide selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds anytime day or night here at Midweek Song.

  • Legendary Strains

    When it comes to the variety of cannabis strains available today the selection is unparalleled to times of the past. There are however some strains that have gained their place as legends throughout the cannabis culture and community. These legendary cannabis strains not only are extraordinary in their own right they are the backbone of some of the most popular strains on the market today in legal industries. Let's take a look at five legendary cannabis strains that have been fascinating and satisfying cannabis consumers for years.

    Northern Lights

    Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain that very well may be one of the most well-known strains of all time. This is sensational strain comes from the Afghani and Thai landrace strains and offers a spicy aroma to accompany the sweet tantalizing taste it leaves upon your tongue. Northern Lights is a favorite amongst the patients in the cannabis medical community as it often times provides unparalleled relief from insomnia and pain.

    Skunk No 1

    If you are an old school blazer chances are you have had your hands on some Skunk bud. This amazing strain which came to be in the late 1970s stands out amongst all others with its high-intensity buzz and cerebral effects. Several different landrace strains went into the first breeding of Skunk bud and since it has become a parent strain of hundreds of different hybrids available today.

    White Widow

    White Widow is a hybrid strain of cannabis that was bred by Greenhouse Seeds. A combination of a South Indian indica landrace and a Brazilian sativa landrace make up this legendary strain. White Widow is known for providing very euphoric and uplifting effects as well as providing intense relief from things such as depression, stress and lack of appetite to name a few.


    Afghani is a very heavy Indica landrace strain that comes from the mountains of Afghanistan. This lady is loved by consumers and growers alike for her amazing resin production and sedating effects. Medical cannabis patients love this Indica for its ability to knock pain and stress out of the park.

    Pineapple Express

    While Pineapple Express may not have been around as long as some of the other legendary strains on this list it has earned its place not only in the medical cannabis community but also within the culture itself thanks to the hit movie Pineapple Express. This legendary strain comes from a parent lineage that includes Hawaiian landrace and Trainwreck. Being a sativa dominant hybrid Pineapple Express has the ability to provide a long-lasting high that is said by many to elevate both productivity as well as energy.

    All of these strains and more are waiting in the form of a cannabis seed in the Midweek Song store. Check out these amazing strains and many more here at Midweek Song.


  • Cannabis Seeds Aren't Just For THC

    Cannabis seeds today have changed compared to those of the past. You'll hear many people say that the weed today is much stronger than it ever was. This may or may not be true depending on who you're speaking to. Experienced growers have been able to produce potent powerful and phenomenal strains of cannabis such as Northern Lights, Roadkill Skunk, Early Pearl, Early Girl, Pineapple Express, Acapulco Gold, Maui Waui, and others for decades now.

    Today cannabis seed collectors have an exquisite array of cannabis seeds when it comes to the selection for their showcases. The cannabis seeds of today are available for collectors in a multitude of hybrid varieties. These hybrid cannabis seeds are not always bred for having high THC content like they have been in the past. A new era of cannabis seeds have been born with high CBD strains. Some strains are going as high as 16:1 CBD to THC.

    This is because the medical cannabis community that consumes the pot is not looking to get stoned. Many people are simply looking to function and perform daily tasks such as taking care of children or other family members, going to and from work, as well as running other general life errands. People don't want to be in a cloudy haze of relaxation when they need to have the energy at hand to accomplish the tasks of the day.

    For this reason, strains are starting to be bred with lower THC and higher CBD contents. Just like craft beer developed and created an entirely different generation and community of beer connoisseurs the same is evolving with cannabis. Instead of it being about high alcohol per volume or in this case THC per milligram other factors are taken into consideration.

    Taste profiles, aroma profiles, and cannabinoid profiles are some of those factors that are helping to change the way cannabis seed collectors collect cannabis seeds of their dreams. If you're a cannabis seed collector or know someone who is then there is a good chance you'll find some high CBD strains like Harlequin or Shark Shock in their collection. One of the main misconceptions about CBD is where it is derived from. CBD is found in both the hemp plant and the "marijuana" plant. The only difference is the active parts per million of the CBD cannabinoid.

    CBD that comes from medical grade hemp on average has 25 active parts per million. CBD that comes from Cannabis sativa l aka marijuana, ganja, pot, weed, or one of many other names averages 150,000 active parts per million of CBD. So as you can imagine collectors not only are collecting cannabis seeds in the form of marijuana seeds they are also collecting cannabis seeds in the form of hemp seeds. There is a wide array of hemp cultivars just like there's a huge selection of cannabis strains available for cannabis seed collectors around the world.


  • Dutch Passion Seeds


    We’re now taking another closer look at one of our favourite seed banks here at Midweek Song. Dutch Passion marijuana seeds are supplied by another brand which has been running for decades, and in fact they first started trading in the cannabis seed market in the 1970s. By the time they were well and truly established as a provider of high quality marijuana seeds in the late 1980s, Dutch Passion was already well on its way to becoming a classic brand.
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  • Barney’s Farm Seeds

    We believe the vast range of brands we stock at Midweek Song is what makes us one of the best choices for anyone looking to buy the best marijuana seeds online. Barney’s Farm seeds are a very popular brand, and we’ll be looking at their products in more detail here.

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  • T.H.Seeds


    At Midweek Song we’re pleased to be a stockist of T.H.Seeds, a leading European brand supplying marijuana seeds online for real connoisseurs of cannabis. Established in 1993, T.H.Seeds is an old school brand with a new school mission statement, all about developing the best products using the latest science.

    In the early days, when they started this business in Holland, only a few main varieties of marijuana were popular and any cross-bred plants tended to be a combination of three particularly common types: Northern Lights, Shiva and Skunk. At that time, T.H.Seeds were instrumental in bringing several brand new varieties to the market, becoming the first company to sell seeds for the popular Original Bubblegum variety back in 1994, which have since endured for years as one of their most widely enjoyed products.

    Today, the brand is known for its keen interest in developing the latest scientific techniques for breeding new and unique cannabis plants. Their New School Cannabis Genetics have allowed them to engineer fantastic new varieties that combine beneficial and practical traits of different species. As a result, the seeds sold by T.H.Seeds all have great attributes that could be perfect for different preferences. Every aspect of these seeds and plants can be controlled with the right knowledge of genetics, including everything from the taste and smell of the plant to the way it actually grows.

    T.H.Seeds MK-Ultra variety is one of their most popular product ranges. These are named after the infamous and mysterious science experiments conducted by the US government in the 1950s, since the high created by this plant’s leaves is described as hypnotic. These award-winning seeds have since spawned a range of other related products. These include the MK-Ultra X Bubble, a hybrid with the popular Bubblegum strain for a strong medicinal effect, and the MK-Ultra Mind Control Set which features seeds from three different strains.

    Another popular variety is T.H.Seeds Burmese Kush, one of the quickest flowering seeds in their range. This Californian-Burmese hybrid plant is highly sought-after, and we’re pleased to offer these seeds in both regular and feminized varieties.

  • Serious Seeds


    Known as one of the longest established seed companies that originated in Holland. Their brand focuses on producing high-quality, stable and consistent varieties of cannabis seeds. Their production of cannabis strains was used for medical and recreational purposes. Being a successful brand with 20 years of experience, they manage to own their lab and run a test on producing the strongest plants that are available in the market today. Their plants have the highest THC content amongst others.

    Types of Serious Seeds:


    Due to being an easy and quick plant to grow, this type was duplicated by many other companies. It contains a good yield that results to extremely strong odour and smoke. It has already won 16 awards in the cannabis competition and proven to be one of the most favoured. In 1999, the AK-47 proved to have the highest THC percentage of all entries on that year. It delivers a strong and long-lasting and pleasant high. When used in one of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, the user regularly passed out after using AK-47. Continue reading

  • Seedism

    The “Seedism” seed bank came from a team of expert and like-minded breeders of cannabis. Originally based from Amsterdam, a group of three colleagues formed a group and established their unique line of Cannabis strains in 2004. They were known to produce the strongest and tastiest mixed breed Cannabis that are available in the market today.

    Today, Seedism has managed to recruit a diverse group of growers and breeders from all over the world. They have collected and combined knowledge, experiences and experiments from their contributors to create a world class quality of strains. Below are the types of Seedism seeds available from 
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  • Mr Nice Seeds

    Mr Nice Seeds is part of the company's work of Shantibaba which is renowned by a legendary cannabis breeder called Howard Marks (aka Mr.Nice). This company has started way back in the 1990s where they began producing different types of Cannabis strains. They are known for creating an award-winning, extraordinary high-quality classic strains like Haze, mass, black widow, the devil, dream time and much more. Why not grab yourself some of this finest seeds and become one of the best breeders out there! Continue reading

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