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Medical Marijuana

  1. Epilepsy and Cannabis

    When it comes to neurological conditions Epilepsy is the 4th most common condition diagnosed. The top three are Alzheimer’s, Strokes and Migraine headaches. According to CureEpilepsy.org, 1 out of every 26 Americans will develop some form of epilepsy in their lifetime. It is estimated that over 65 million individuals suffer from epilepsy worldwide. Additionally 200,000 individuals are diagnosed with epilepsy every year. Unfortunately it is estimated that approximately 40,000 individuals die from epilepsy or epilepsy related issues each year. Continue reading →
  2. Cannabis and Parkinson’s

    Parkinson's disease is a disorder that affects the central nervous system. Specifically it effects the movement of individuals. Often times Parkinson's disease results in individuals suffering from tremors. There are some treatment options that may help, but Parkinson's is classified as a disease that cannot be cured by traditional pharmaceuticals. Common symptoms of Parkinson's include slow movement, stiffness, loss of balance, and more commonly, tremors in the hands. It is easy to see how Parkinson's could affect the daily activities that one must perform such as driving a car, getting dressed and even eating. Continue reading →
  3. Cannabis and Cancer

    Thanks to the ever advancing movements of medical marijuana legalization happening across the United States of America more people are becoming aware of the potential of cannabis being utilized as an alternative treatment for cancer. Cancer comes in many forms and according to the National Cancer Institute the term cancer is given to a specific group of diseases that are related. With all forms of cancer, the body's cells start to divide without ending this process. By doing this, they spread to surrounding tissues. The creation of these mass amounts of cells lead to tumors. Cancers feed off of the body destroying healthy cells. Chemotherapy along with a regimen of pharmaceutical prescriptions is currently the most common option in the treatment of cancer patients. When it comes to cancers there's over a 100 of them that are identified. Cannabis has been utilized in the medicinal Pharmacopoeia throughout time. It is now proving that it in fact is useful in treating certain cancers. Continue reading →
  4. Cannabis and Anxiety

    Anxiety can be described as a feeling of unease, worry, anxiousness and even depression. Anxiety is typically triggered by a specific event, situation or circumstance. Anxiety is also commonly related to an upcoming situation where the outcome is uncertain or guaranteed to be negative. The most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder is Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD. SAD is anxiety that is brought on by being in or the anticipation of being in a social setting. Continue reading →

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