Marijuana Legalisation

  • A U.S. Retail Market Update – Where’s What Legal?

    Last November 4 states in the United States passed laws that would regulate and legalize a retail cannabis market for residents in and tourists to their states. California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine joined Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington in the ever-growing list of states within the US who have chosen to legalize retail cannabis markets for adults.

    Nevada has already opened up its doors to this market allowing adults over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries. California is working out the details, but they are not very far behind. The latest news coming out of Massachusetts predicts that the state will see legal retail cannabis dispensaries before next summer. Maine, however, is facing major opposition from the governor. This is despite the fact that the residents of the state voted yes on a retail cannabis market last fall.

    Governor Paul LePage was described by Merry Jane as being a "staunch prohibitionist" and this can be seen clearly in his continued opposition to any piece of legislation that would legalize a retail cannabis market in the state. Recently legislators passed a committee bill that will regulate the legal weed industry that was approved by voters.

    The House and the Senate have finally agreed upon licensing, limitation rules and tax structures thus far. Unfortunately, the bill has now been sent to the governor's desk and it is highly anticipated that he will veto it. He will have 10 days to either sign the bill, veto it, or it will pass automatically after 10 days which of course is what we're hoping for. If the bill is vetoed by the governor, legislators will not revisit the issue again until January. This means that legal retail cannabis dispensaries could still be a far reach away for adults in the state of Maine.

  • What Else Will The Cannabis Act Legalize?

    It has been a long rocky road to get there but next year adults in the country of Canada will have access to retail cannabis. Adults over the age of 19 will be able to purchase cannabis and cannabis products without having to have a physician or medical recommendation. There are many other things though that Canada will see with this change and the passing of The Cannabis Act.

    Not only will adults in Canada be able to purchase cannabis and cannabis products from licensed providers they will also be able to grow their own. This is something only a handful of patients and consumers in legal states in the US are able to do. Unlike states in the United States which allow adults to grow their own cannabis for recreational purposes, in Canada, there has been no cap placed upon how much a resident of legal age can possess in their own private residence.

    With the passing of The Cannabis Act adults will also be able to share cannabis with their adult friends. The only stipulation is the same as what stands in states such as Colorado in the US, no money is allowed to be exchanged but you will be able to gift cannabis to a friend.

    Under The Cannabis Act, Canadian adult citizens will also be able to make their own cannabis extractions using nonorganic solvents. This means that you will not be able to utilize butane or propane to extract and make cannabis concentrates. Alternatively, you will be able to utilize rosin presses to make heat press rosin which is said to be the purest cannabis concentrate available.

    We can't forget to mention that bongs, pipes, and other paraphernalia will finally be legal in the country with the passing of The Cannabis Act. That's right it's still illegal to possess a pipe or bong in the country despite your age and the fact that they've had legal medical cannabis laws in effect for years. This will change though, next summer.

  • Cannabis May Be Coming Legally To The UK Soon

    Cannabis legalization may be coming to the UK sooner than one might expect. While members of parliament say tens of thousands of citizens in the UK have expressed their support for cannabis legalization it's now time to wait for a parliament to "hash" it out and see if cannabis legalization is imminent for the future of the UK.

    The UK can no longer ignore the truth. If the officials in Parliament pretend that more research is needed and stick to that draconian way of thinking they're showing they've been bought and paid for. There is an abundance of evidence that points towards the solidification of cannabis as a medicine. In 2015 back on October 12th a debate happened in Parliament surrounding cannabis specifically. Officially the government put their point of view as saying "substantial scientific evidence shows cannabis is a harmful drug that can damage human health."

    With just a little bit of research, anyone who has access to the world wide web and Google can find that this statement is a lie. These individuals hurried and rushed the argument so they could go out and smoke tobacco pipes and drink whiskey. Go figure. Profit off of the people just like the draconian politicians of the past. Instead of taking the time to understand a misunderstood plant people seem to be okay continuing to feed the lies of prohibition to others.

    Smoking cannabis may not be for everyone but cannabis is an important part of every mammal on the planet. The body's natural endocannabinoid system becomes deprived of cannabinoids when a person is not a consumer. This doesn't mean you have to smoke pot to get cannabinoids. You can gain cannabinoids through transdermal applications, topical applications, and sublingual applications as well as through edibles and a multitude of other facets. Cannabis is available that does not get you stoned out of your mind because it does not contain a high THC percentage.

    Cannabis today is transforming into a scene very similar to that of craft beer. Will cannabis ever be legal in the UK? The future for the UK when it comes to going green is starting to look better every day. Contact your local officials and let them know you support cannabis legalization. Every seed helps to build a forest and a single seed can tip the scales of injustice bringing cannabis legalization to the UK. You could be that seed.

  • Getting Popped for Pot Sucks Alot

    Getting popped for pot really sucks. Not only do the police take your weed they don't give it back LOL! They arrest you, put you in jail, charge you a bunch of money, destroy your life, and take away your right and ability to access to the plant altogether. They make you undergo drug testing and counseling. In fact, these people need to be drug tested and counseled in my opinion.

    I bet you'd find they're on some form of pharmaceutical prescription drugs as well as an underlying issue of authority and control coming from their parents or someone else close to them in their life. Either they were held too much or not enough. This has lead them to a life where they must control and dominate what others do. Is it just me or does it seem that those in authority positions typically were bullied? It seems the kid that was picked on in school or that had parents too strict or not strict enough are oftentimes the ones that become law enforcement officers and workers of the state.

    Getting popped for pot sucks no matter where you live. The only time getting popped for growing pot or having pot on you that wouldn't suck would be if you were falsely raided in a state like Washington, Oregon, or Colorado in the United States and were in compliance with local state laws. The downside is the federal government can still push for prosecution. Really screwed up form of freedom right there. Sure you can do it. Hey, I didn't say you can do that. Damn, someone needs to make up their mind.

    It's no wonder the rest of the world has such a wild and screwed-up viewpoint of America. Sending out mixed emotions and signals about what you can and can't-do obviously causes confusion. If you've been popped for pot then you know it sucks. The late Howard Mark AKA Mr. Nice is an individual that would have been able to explain this to you all too well. How about Marc Emery? What about Tim McBride? These are just a handful of people that have been prosecuted over pot. They were busted for a natural plant that has zero deaths linked to it ever in recorded human history.

  • A Look Into Cannabis Past

    Cannabis is a plant that is very misunderstood today by a multitude of people. In particular, it seems that elected officials and those who oversee government positions are the ones that are either misinformed or simply don't care. Cannabis has a history intertwined with people that stretches back thousands of years. One of the first mentions of cannabis in reference to the plant as we know it was in 2900 BC by a Chinese emperor who went by the name of Fu HSI.

    In 1500 BC we stumble across what is considered the earliest reference that was written about medical cannabis. The reference can be found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Rh-Ya. The book of Exodus references cannabis in the form of kaneh-bosem in 1450 BC referring to the ingredients used to make holy anointing oil. This can be found in the original Hebrew version of the Bible located in Exodus 30:22-23.

    1000 BC rolls around and cannabis can be found in India. The plant was utilized to treat a multitude of different conditions and ailments. It was particularly favored in the form of a drink called Bhang.

    The United States of America was founded with the help of cannabis. Early colonial farmers were encouraged to grow cannabis in the form of hemp. In fact, those who had the ability to produce this plant but did not were imposed upon with harsh penalties. Take into mind this was 1762.

    By 1850 the United States had added marijuana as they called it to the pharmacopeia. It was listed as a treatment for everything from alcoholism and anthrax to gout, tonsillitis, and even insanity. What's insane is even back over a hundred fifty years ago medical professionals knew the wide range of ailments cannabis potentially could help with.

    So what happened to our medical community? Did they realize they were completely wrong about cannabis? A little research will show you that's not the case. The truth is they realized just how beneficial cannabis could be and basically, it would put many of them out of a job. Instead of embracing something that could truly help people it seems the popular consensus was to keep it from people and give them poison in place of it in the form of prescription pills.

    By the early nineteen hundreds, prescription medicine was replacing natural medicine. When the United States signed the MJ Tax Act in 1937 it would seem that cannabis was doomed. But, look where we are today. Understanding your past will help you understand where you're going. The cannabis community and culture has been buried for far too long. It's time for all the seeds to germinate into a mighty forest and create a sea of green.

  • Cannabis Ancillary Services – Allowing the Industry to Blossom

    The emerging cannabis industry that is budding in states across the United States as well as in different countries and nations around the world has opened up the job market and created a significant amount of new businesses. While the industry has brought life to hundreds if not thousands of dispensaries and grow operations it has also allowed for many ancillary services that cater to the cannabis industry to flourish. There are many industries that already existed that play a major role in the success of cannabis related businesses.

    The cannabis industry has seen many individuals take their skills from other careers and backgrounds and apply them to growing businesses within the cannabis culture. Let's take a look at some of the different types of businesses and career professionals that are proving more every day that they are the backbone of this industry and are helping it to succeed.


    Security in both the form of cyber security as well as physical security is essential to protecting this emerging industry. Those with skills such as being a security guard, armed and secured truck drivers, and IT professionals with skills in protecting networks that contain personal identifying information that needs to be protected are in high demand throughout the Cannabis industry.

    Marketing and Advertising

    You may or may not be aware but many businesses within the cannabis industry are unable to advertise in traditional methods due to legal terms and agreements and other aspects. This is where those with a background in marketing and advertising play an essential part in helping to raise brand awareness for cannabis companies. Those with a track record of innovative marketing strategies are in high demand as more businesses and competition emerge with this growing industry.


    Legal writers, attorneys, and other legal professionals are also in high demand throughout the cannabis industry. Their skills are essential in securing what advocates have fought for. These industry professionals are also in high demand when it comes to securing multimillion-dollar contracts and investments as well as maintaining compliance.

    These are just a few of the ancillary services and types of career professionals that are providing support for the budding cannabis industries around the world. Do you work in the cannabis industry? If so we would love to hear how your skills from previous endeavors have helped you to succeed!

  • Reasons Why Cannabis Should be Legal That Everyone Can Agree On

    If you ask any cannabis advocate or activist they can probably tell you at least a dozen reasons why they feel like this plant should be legalized around the world. The legalization of cannabis means something different to everybody, however, there are some common grounds in which everybody can agree upon when it comes to the benefits legalization of this extraordinary plant has to offer. Let's look at a few reasons why almost everyone can agree cannabis should be legal worldwide.

    First and foremost it is a plant. There are many plants that offer medicinal value as well as psychoactive effects that are completely legal to possess and grow in countries around the world but for some reason, cannabis remains outlawed. No matter how you look at it no one belongs in jail for a plant. Especially a plant that can not only improve the quality of lives for so many people but is already saving many on a daily basis.

    Cannabis is medicine! Throughout its 10,000 year history, it's medical benefits have been highly documented through anecdotal evidence as well as scientific research. Despite the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of scientific studies surrounding the benefits of cannabis and the cannabinoids in which it contains there are many politicians and health officials that are still screaming for more research. Our advice is to simply do a Google search and a great place to start is by looking up the US Patent 6630507 regarding cannabis and its neuroprotective applications.

    No matter how you look at it the War on Drugs has been an ultimate failure in countries around the world. A recent report showed that the prohibition of cannabis is responsible for thousands of deaths every year so it's hard to say why it continues seeing how the plant itself has never been the direct cause of a fatality in its entire history.

    Cannabis prohibition very well could be the biggest social issue of our lifetimes. The attempted eradication of cannabis and the War on Drugs has detrimentally affected minority communities for decades. It has overpopulated our prisons and torn thousands of families apart.

    These are just a few of the reasons why almost everyone can agree that cannabis should be legalized not only in the United States but in every country on every continent around the globe!

  • UK Cannabis at a Glance

    The United Kingdom like so many other places around the world has adopted draconian cannabis laws that are still in full effect today despite the fact that more places around the world have recognized cannabis for its medicinal values as well as being much safer than other recreational choices. Let’s take a glance at cannabis in the UK including the current laws, when prohibition began and the current hopes for legalization or other forms of decriminalization!

    When Did Prohibition Begin in the UK

    Like many other places around the world, it was at the beginning of the 1900s that cannabis was outlawed in the UK. For the UK specifically, prohibition of cannabis came with the 1925 Dangerous Drugs Act which went into effect on Sept 28th of 1928. The act which specifically controlled "Indian Hemp and all resins and preparations based thereon" came just after the 1925 Geneva International Convention on Narcotics Control which was organized by the League of Nations.

    Current Cannabis Laws in the UK

    Cannabis in any form is classified as a Class B drug and is highly illegal to possess, give away, cultivate and sell in any amount. Possession of even the smallest amount of cannabis in the Uk could net you 5 years in prison and an unlimited fine whereas distributing to someone else could land you up to 14 years of incarceration as well as an unlimited fine. Despite the what the law states, the enforcement against cannabis offenders differs in places throughout the UK. Some places will stick the book to offenders while others take a more compassionate approach and only issue a formal caution, reprimand or warning.

    Hopes for Legalization are High

    This October the UK is hosting the first medical cannabis conference of its kind in the country. The event will be an "international jamboree of weed-based therapies in London" according to This event which is led by the Israeli entrepreneur Saul Kaye is giving many people hope that it could be a sign of what’s to come next for cannabis in the UK. The UK does currently have compassionate yet stringent laws surrounding the use of CBD products specifically however these laws are not enough to provide relief for thousands of individuals that could find a better quality of life if only they had safe legal access to the natural plant in its entirety.

  • When Did Cannabis Prohibition Begin?

    When did cannabis prohibition begin is a question a lot of people ask when they're new to the cannabis community. The answer to that is a relatively easy one. Depending on where you live there will be some variances but for the most part cannabis prohibition began around the start of the early 1900s. In particularly in the United States of America cannabis prohibition was being born by the early 1900s.

    Early states such as Massachusetts ushered in an era that would define a nation tearing apart families and leaving a trail of victims behind. Local officials influenced laws and carried those laws all the way up to a federal level by the mid-1930s. In 1937 the United States federal government officially signed what was called the MJ Tax Act making cannabis virtually illegal.

    It wasn't against the law completely as of yet but required a tax stamp that was extremely high at the time making it where nobody in their right mind would even mess with it. Those who would defy the law would be subject to the full punishment violating this law would carry. The first individual to be arrested in the US officially ironically was arrested in Denver Colorado. His name was Samuel Caldwell. From this arrest forward federal government and local authorities work together to wage a war against pot. The attempted eradication of cannabis almost worked. Thankfully while they were burying seeds and locking away people over a plant they didn't know they were growing a forest.

    Today we are finally starting to see an end to the draconian laws of the past pertaining to cannabis. The men and women who continue to support these outdated laws and all the wrongdoings these laws support will make themselves obvious more and more every day. With the freedom of election, these individuals will be voted out of office and the people who have bought and paid for them will no longer have a need for them.

    For hundreds of years before the beginning of cannabis prohibition, the plant lived harmoniously with the people of the planet. Thankfully progression of education has continued allowing new doors of progress to be open painting a greener path where cannabis is finally coming into the light of legalization. Through continuous support and further education of the public, the decades-old stereotypes and negative propaganda associated with cannabis will begin to disappear.

    So when it comes to the question when did cannabis prohibition begin the answer is as follows. Cannabis basically became illegal in 1937 in the United States and many places around the world adopted the same viewpoints. Today in 2018 more places than ever before have changed their mind and perception about the incredible plant called cannabis.

  • Cannabis is Creating Thousands of Jobs

    One of the biggest benefits that the emerging cannabis industry is offering is an enormous amount of new jobs that didn't exist previously. In states that have legalized cannabis in the United States they have seen hundreds and in some cases, thousands of new jobs created offering financial security to thousands of individuals throughout local communities. Let's take a look at some of the statistics surrounding the job creation that the cannabis industry is providing.

    The most recent news regarding how many jobs the cannabis industry is creating comes out of the state of Arkansas. Arkansas legalized medical cannabis last year and are in the process of implementing a legally regulated market within the state. Advocates estimate that the legal emerging market in the state will create 500 to 600 new jobs in the near future. As the industry emerges in the state there will not only be jobs created for those working directly in the industry but also for individuals such as real estate agents, construction workers, and others.

    Within a few years, it is most likely that you will see several thousand people employed thanks to the cannabis industry just as we have seen in other states. Take, for example, Colorado. Colorado was the first state in the United States to legalize a market for retail cannabis for adults over the age of 21. This market opened in 2014 and in 2016 the industry created an excess of 18,000 jobs within the state. That means that there were 18,000 people that were able to provide meals, shelter, and clothing for their families that may not been able to do so otherwise. If you ask us job creation in combination with just how safe cannabis has proven to be should be enough to regulate it and legalize It worldwide.

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