Cannabis Cup Winners

  • Girl Scout Cookies - The Cannabis Strain

    Girl Scout Cookies the cannabis strain not the cookies is sometimes referred to as GSC. Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain created from two legends. The legendary Sativa Durban Poison and the legendary OG Kush come together to create the all mighty and powerful Girl Scout Cookies. This strain of cannabis has won countless cannabis cups. THC percentages come in super strong making this some absolutely potent pot.

    Not only are THC percentages high so are flavor profiles. Girl Scout Cookies have an earthy aroma with a very sweet flavor. They don't taste like Girl Scout Cookies, but they may leave you wanting to munch down a box or two. Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent strain for appetite loss as well as chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety. This hybrid provides many consumers with a balance of relaxation and pain relief while at the same time providing mind stimulating effects many people refer to as cerebral.

    Girl Scout Cookies are not recommended for a beginner grower. It's best to have a little knowledge about growing other hybrids before jumping into this one. It's not to say that it can't be done though. The best plan is to make sure to have these incredible Girl Scout Cookie cannabis seeds on hand when the time comes for you to sew and grow what you love. Flowering times will vary between 7 to 12 weeks. The average yield will vary by the grower.

    When flowered to perfection you can expect to see beautiful bright green calyxes wrapping around potent purple leaves. That's not all though. You'll also see fiery orange hairs helping to give this beautiful bud that extra flair and sex appeal. When you're looking for a lovely lady to add to your cannabis seed collection at home if you don't have these in it you must be stoned. If you're looking to get your hands on some Girl Scout Cookie cannabis seeds for your collection you're in luck because you'll find them in stock waiting to head to your door at Midweek Song.


  • Gorilla Glue #4 Will Have You Coming Unglued

    Take a big bong rip of Gorilla Glue #4 and you might just find yourself on the floor! This chunky funky ooey gooey ass kickin cannabis strain is absolutely insane! A combination of some legendary lineage comes together to create the love child known by none other than the name of Gorilla Glue #4. Imagine if you will the delectable combination of Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb getting together to create something everyone loves.

    Back in 2014 both LA and Michigan saw Gorilla Glue #4 win the Cannabis Cup award. Also in 2014 Gorilla Glue #4 brought home the High Times Jamaican World Cup award. Now we could go on it would seem for hours about all the awards this strain has. Instead of that let's talk a little bit about the attributes you'll expect from having this incredible seed in your collection.

    Consumers enjoy the uplifted, relaxed, and happy feelings they get from consuming Gorilla Glue #4. It is said depression, anxiety, stress and pain melt way or go up in smoke with just a few tokes of this insane strain! With powerful effects like that you can count on cotton face aka dry mouth. Some people experience dry eyes so you may want a little bit of Visine to help moisturize the eyes as well. Should you want to grow some Gorilla Glue #4 of your own let it be known that it's not the easiest to do.

    It's not recommended for a beginner grower not saying that it can't be done. The yield is moderate averaging 1-3 ounces per square foot or more depending on your growing techniques, ability, and environment. With an average flowering time between 7 to 10 weeks, Gorilla Glue #4 is a winner winner chicken dinner when it comes to awards and flowering times. If you have a plan to have the best cannabis seed collection in the land, be sure that you don't come unglued by not having some Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis seeds in your cannabis seed collection. If you're looking to get your hands on the best seeds in the land you've been in the right place all along right here at Midweek Song.

  • Deathstar the Cannabis Strain

    Deathstar won't have you feeling like a Jedi but will leave you looking like a red eye. This potent powerful hybrid strain is an Indica dominant one. Though Deathstar is Indica dominant it shares Sativa effects from its lineage. The combination of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star come together to create the legendary strain known by the name of Deathstar.

    The Deathstar strain of cannabis is oftentimes a go-to for patients looking for relief from chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. Due to the heavy Indica characteristics it also comes in handy for many people who suffer from insomnia and nausea. These are only a handful of the medicinal attributes this incredible strain offers. The cannabis plant itself with its many different strains holds a potential plethora of benefits for you. Deathstar might not destroy worlds but it will destroy the moisture in your mouth. Make sure you have something to drink on hand to cure cotton face.

    Deathstar makes a great strain for a newbie or beginner grower. Considered easy to grow with a large yield Deathstar will flower in an average of 7 to 10 weeks producing as much as six ounces per square foot. When flowered to perfection you can expect a potent pungent smell with skunky undertones. An earthy diesel like flavor will tantalize your taste buds while creating a party in your mouth. When you're looking for an out of this world cannabis experience make sure to put Deathstar on your list of strains. Remember your cannabis seed collection will love you when you send some Deathstar its direction!

  • What’s Trending at the Cups

    Cannabis cups across the globe have helped set the standards for what trends are new in cannabis. Each year cannabis strains become more potent and more bountiful. Cannabis cups judge strains on a number of varying factors. In the past, most of the winners had potent high THC percentages. While high THC percentages most of the time will represent pain relief and a good buzz that's not always the case. The world of cannabis has changed considerably with legalization happening in many places. Instead of cannabis being looked upon as a drug the viewpoint is shifting more towards the plant being a medicine.

    People from all lifestyles are consuming this incredible plant. This has prompted growers to produce new strains that fit all those different walks of life. Cannabis cups are starting to see more entries for high CBD strains. CBD is a cannabinoid many people are finding relief with. New strains of cannabis are being produced high in CBD that still provides a mild buzz. Not everyone wants to get couch locked stoned when they consume cannabis. Some people need to be able to function throughout their day and do their daily chores and jobs. Surprisingly this fits the bill on a large portion of the cannabis community. Many people have active full-time jobs or are the primary caregivers for their family. While it's nice to relax and unwind at times the medical benefits of cannabis are pure bliss when you get them without the heavy relaxation that keeps you from getting your to-do list done.

    At cannabis cups around the globe, more than just the strains of cannabis are changing. The methods of consumption are leaning towards vaping, transdermal, sublingual, topicals, and edibles. Cannabis concentrates are also sweeping the scene. While misinformed media claims cannabis concentrates such as shatter to be dangerous they're only reporting on a point of view. The danger in cannabis concentrates lies when someone does not know how to process them correctly. This is why legalization, regulation and testing are so vitally important to the future of healthy cannabis. One way to know for sure that you have the best cannabis in the land on hand is to build your cannabis seed collection to epic proportions, so you can grow your own medicine at home (where legal). Grow like a pro with the seeds you sow. Get the seeds you need now to grow your cannabis seed collection in the right direction from Midweek Song.

  • The Differences of Cannabis Genetics – Regular vs Feminized vs Autoflowering

    With so many types of cannabis genetics, it can become quite confusing for those who are new to cultivating cannabis or cannabis seed collecting. Cannabis seeds genetics come in three basic forms including regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. You can find Indica strains, sativa strains and hybrid strains in all of these different genetic forms which only adds to the confusion for some. Let's take a look at the differences between these types of genetics and clear up some of the confusion that you may have.


    Regular cannabis seeds are what you are used to finding in a bag of round town brown. When cultivated regular cannabis seeds can produce male or female plants. When it comes to the plants that produce females regular cannabis seeds require devotion and patience as you must manipulate the amount of light in which they are receiving to force them from vegetative growth into the flowering stage.


    Feminized cannabis seeds are a favorite amongst cannabis cultivators and collectors as they are guaranteed to genetically produce a female plant which is what growers are looking for when their goal is to produce psychoactive cannabis. Feminized plants similar to regular plants require manipulation of their light cycle in order for them to begin budding. Many breeders and growers love feminized seeds simply because it takes the guesswork out of whether or not their plants will be male or female aside from this fact feminized seeds are the same as regular seeds.


    Autoflowering cannabis seeds like regular seeds can produce male or female plants however many times auto flowering plants are also feminized but this is not always the case. Some people get this confused and are disappointed when their plants autoflower into males. An autoflowering cannabis seed simply means that the seed will automatically enter the flowering stage from vegetative growth at a certain age automatically with no interaction whereas feminized or regular seeds require a change in the amount of light that they are given to force them into the flowering stage.

    We hope that this information helps you in making an educated decision in regards to the genetics that you wish to purchase for cultivating or collecting purposes. You can find a wide selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds anytime day or night here at Midweek Song.

  • Legendary Strains

    When it comes to the variety of cannabis strains available today the selection is unparalleled to times of the past. There are however some strains that have gained their place as legends throughout the cannabis culture and community. These legendary cannabis strains not only are extraordinary in their own right they are the backbone of some of the most popular strains on the market today in legal industries. Let's take a look at five legendary cannabis strains that have been fascinating and satisfying cannabis consumers for years.

    Northern Lights

    Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain that very well may be one of the most well-known strains of all time. This is sensational strain comes from the Afghani and Thai landrace strains and offers a spicy aroma to accompany the sweet tantalizing taste it leaves upon your tongue. Northern Lights is a favorite amongst the patients in the cannabis medical community as it often times provides unparalleled relief from insomnia and pain.

    Skunk No 1

    If you are an old school blazer chances are you have had your hands on some Skunk bud. This amazing strain which came to be in the late 1970s stands out amongst all others with its high-intensity buzz and cerebral effects. Several different landrace strains went into the first breeding of Skunk bud and since it has become a parent strain of hundreds of different hybrids available today.

    White Widow

    White Widow is a hybrid strain of cannabis that was bred by Greenhouse Seeds. A combination of a South Indian indica landrace and a Brazilian sativa landrace make up this legendary strain. White Widow is known for providing very euphoric and uplifting effects as well as providing intense relief from things such as depression, stress and lack of appetite to name a few.


    Afghani is a very heavy Indica landrace strain that comes from the mountains of Afghanistan. This lady is loved by consumers and growers alike for her amazing resin production and sedating effects. Medical cannabis patients love this Indica for its ability to knock pain and stress out of the park.

    Pineapple Express

    While Pineapple Express may not have been around as long as some of the other legendary strains on this list it has earned its place not only in the medical cannabis community but also within the culture itself thanks to the hit movie Pineapple Express. This legendary strain comes from a parent lineage that includes Hawaiian landrace and Trainwreck. Being a sativa dominant hybrid Pineapple Express has the ability to provide a long-lasting high that is said by many to elevate both productivity as well as energy.

    All of these strains and more are waiting in the form of a cannabis seed in the Midweek Song store. Check out these amazing strains and many more here at Midweek Song.


  • The Topic of Cannabis-Infused Topicals

    As more places around the world legalize cannabis for recreational and/or medical consumption we're starting to expand our knowledge surrounding this plant. More research is being performed leading to medical discoveries and cold hard statistics are helping to debunk the myths and stigma surrounding cannabis that has existed for far too long.

    With legalization, the world is also starting to see that there is much more to cannabis than just smoking it and getting high. What has long been a stigmatized plant outlawed due to greed and racism is quickly becoming a life-saving natural alternative to deadly and addictive pharmaceuticals with horrible side effects for millions of people around the world.

    The amazing thing about this plant is its ability to be consumed in various forms for different benefits and effects! One of these forms being topical applications which produce absolutely no psychoactive effects. Topical applications, however, provide phenomenal medical benefits to patients suffering from a multitude of symptoms and conditions. Let's take a closer look at topicals and some of the various things they have to offer cannabis patients.


    No Psychoactive Effects

    As mentioned before topical cannabis products produce no psychoactive effects, therefore, they allow medical cannabis patients the ability to find relief through cannabis-based products without the fear of failing a drug test or becoming intoxicated.

    Discretion When Medicating

    Topicals are essentially products that are applied externally and absorbed by the Endocannabinoid System through the skin. Topicals come in forms such as lotions, creams, salves, and sprays to name a few which can be applied like other topical products used by consumers daily around the world. This allows medical cannabis patients to have discretion when medicating.

    Medical Applications

    The topical application of cannabis-infused products offer many different medical benefits. Topical applications are widely used by medical cannabis patients to relieve numbness, tingling, and pain associated with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism, and inflammatory diseases to name a few. Topicals are also showing great results in the application of relieving skin based allergies and rashes.

    Aside from medical attributes that cannabis-infused topical products offer, they are also widely found throughout the beauty industry as well. Some common cannabis-based beauty products on the market today include lip balm, makeup, and moisturizing products to name a few. So as you can see, cannabis infused topical products have a lot to offer not just patients but consumers as well around the world.

  • 2014 Cannabis Cup Winners (27th Marijuana Competition)

    The 27th High Times Cannabis Cup Competition took place between 23rd - 27th November 2014.  The competition had guest lectures from The Greenhouse & Strain Hunters.  Once again they had some new inductees to the Counterculture Hall of Fame with Sasha and Ann Shulgin joining the Hall of Fame.

    The winners of the 2014 Cannabis Cup can be found below;

    Cannabis Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Barney's Farm, Cookies Kush.

    2nd Prize - Green Place, OG Reekn.

    3rd Prize - The Green House, Pure Kush.

    Indica Cup Winner

    1st Price - The Vault Genetics, Colorado Bubba.

    2nd Prize - True Canna Gentics, The Truth.

    3rd Prize - DNA Genetics, Kosher Kush.

    Sativa Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Crockett Family Farms, Tangie Crockett's Cut.

    2nd Prize - DNA Genetics, Tangie.

    3rd Prize - Pheno Finders, Lemon Bubble.

    Hybrid Cup Winner:

    1st Price - The Vault Genetics, Larry OG.

    2nd Prize - Rare Dankness Seeds, Star Killer.

    3rd Prize - BC Bud Depot, Night Nurse.

    Import Hash Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA,Super Lemon OG Concentrate.

    2nd Prize - Oasis Medical Seeds in Flint, MI, Paris OG Shatter Dab Vader.

    3rd Prize - DNA Unlimited, Lemon OG 18 Live Resin.

    Neder Hash by a Coffee Shop:

    1st Prize - Barney's Farm, Cookies Ice-Cream.

    2nd Prize - The Green House, Green House Ice.

    3rd Prize - The Grey Area, Grey Crystan.

    To buy the best marijuana seeds online purchase them from us at Midweek Song

    Best Neder Hash by a Seed Company:

    1st Prize - The Vault Genetics, The Kong 73 Non-Solvent Hash
    2nd Prize - DNA Grow Your Own, Betty Ross
    3rd Prize - House of the Great Gardener, Barbara Bud

    Best CBD Flowers:

    House of the Great Gardener - CBD Rene

  • 2013 Cannabis Cup Winners (26th Marijuana Competition)

    The 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam. Once again the High Times was event which was a huge success and attended by a packed house. Midweek Song recommends anyone who is thinking of attending a High Times Cannabis Cup to do so as it is a decision you will not regret!

    The winners of the 2013 Cannabis Cup can be found below;

    Cannabis Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Green Place, Rollex OG Kush.

    2nd Prize - Green House Seeds, Flowerbomb Kush.

    3rd Prize - The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop, Tangie.

    Indica Cup Winner

    1st Price - Gold Coast Extracts, Whitewalker OG.

    2nd Prize - Elemental Seeds, The True OG.

    3rd Prize - Lady Sativa Genetics, Knightsbridge OG.

    Sativa Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Reserva Privada, Tangie.

    2nd Prize - Hortilab, Sour Power.

    3rd Prize - Karma Genetics, Headbanger.

    Hybrid Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Soma's Sacred Seeds, Somari.

    2nd Prize - Tahoe Wellness Cooperative, Girl Scout Cookies.

    3rd Prize - Resin Seeds, Dieseltonic.

    Import Hash Cup Winner:

    1st Price -  Green Place, Twizzla.

    2nd Prize - Green House Seeds, Chemdog Cream.

    3rd Prize - The Bushdoctor, Maroc Lemon Haze.

    To buy the best marijuana seeds online purchase them from us at Midweek Song

  • 2012 Cannabis Cup Winners (25th Marijuana Competition)

    The 25th High Times Cannabis Cup Competition was held between the 18th - 22nd November 2012.  The competition took place in the Milky Way (De Melkweg) venue.

    The organisers were concerned with the proposed law from the Dutch police that would ban foreigners from buying weed from Dutch Coffeeshops, however this did not impact the 25th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup.

    The  Winners of the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup can be found below;

    Cannabis Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Green House Seeds, Flower Bomb Kush.

    2nd Prize - The Green Place, Shoreline.

    3rd Prize - Grey Area, Evergrey.

    Indica Cup Winner

    1st Price - Reserva Privada, Kosher Kush.

    2nd Prize - Elemental Seeds, True OG.

    3rd Prize - Cali Connection, SFV OG Kush.

    Sativa Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Soma's Sacred Seeds, Amnesia Haze.

    2nd Prize - Hortilab, Sour Amnesia.

    3rd Prize - Strain Hunters, Green Shack.

    Hybrid Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Loud Seeds, Loud Scout.

    2nd Prize - Bong Guru, Rock Star.

    3rd Prize - Rare Dankness, Rug Burn OG.

    Seed Co Hash Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Reserva Privada, The Weezy.

    2nd Prize - Rare Dankness, Tangerine Compound.

    3rd Prize - DNA Genetics, The Tangie.

    Import Hash Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Green House Seeds, Sharkberry Cream.

    2nd Prize - The Green Place, Twizzler.

    3rd Prize - The Bushdoctor, Maroc Lemon Haze.

    Dutch Hash Cup Winner:

    1st Price - Green House Seeds, Lemon Crystal.

    2nd Prize - Grey Area, Grey Crystal.

    3rd Prize - The Green Place, M.O.G.

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