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Sex Regular
Height Medium
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Seed Bank Black Label
Yield 400 gr
Type Sativa / Indica

Black Label Seeds Sensi Star represents a family of indica strains with a well pronounced sativa hint. Cannabis seeds of Sensi Star were developed by the Black Label specially for everyone who likes a strong indica after a hard day. She is one of worlds finest cannabis strains, and has successfully become the new standard in growing. Her outstanding qualities made her a first price winner in the 1999 Highlife Cup and 1999 Hightimes Cannabis Cup. She was also nominated as a plant of the year in 2004 Highlife Cup. With all those highest awards, Sensi Star is not fussy at all, her cannabis seeds are very easy to grow, with an excellent rate of germination. She produces healthy seedlings which respond well to all growing methods. It is best to let them vegetate for 2 weeks before entering the 12/12 light cycle. Just watch out how much nutrients you give them. Experienced cannabis growers noticed that young plants of this marijuana don't like overfeeding. They also report about two phenotypes during maturing which look and smell differently. One has a darker shade of green and more leaves with a smell of metal lemons; while the other has more budding to it and produces the more Skunk flavour. The aroma becomes more noticeable and intense during the last week of flowering. Sometimes those variety of Sensi Star with big leaves need a bit of clipping due to overgrowing over buds. This marijuana strain is an extremely resinous. After a short flowering period of 8 weeks, she develops big buds that are really dense, with the calyxes pressed together and completely covered with shiny crystals full of THC. Its content is said to be 16+% what gives you a strong body high. Sensi Star plants are quite petite (100-130 cm) and grow a bit bushy during maturing. Yet, they produce 400 gr of highest quality marijuana in average, assuming that the longer a plant is the bigger yield you can get. Two different phenotypes of this cannabis also show different smoking characteristics. Darker varieties are the strongest ones. They produce the most relaxing and tastiest buds with a very refreshing, original and full taste. The stone is a pure body and mind massage, great for relaxing after a hard day work and some time at home.

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