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Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Buy Female Marijuana Seeds Online

At Midweek Song, we provide the market's highest quality of marijuana seeds. Our feminized seeds are cultivated so that they contain no male chromosomes. This is done to guarantee that all of our feminized seeds remain with just 100% female chromosomes. Feminized seeds are the perfect cannabis seeds for any keen gardener.

In last 10 years feminized seeds have been slowly but steadily gaining a large percentage of the cannabis seeds market. In some European countries they now represent over 90% of sales,

Feminized seeds have not been created for breeders; they have been created for growers. From small growers dedicated to personal self-sustainable production programs, up to large-scale growers producing volumes. In my opinion, feminized seeds are a very good tool to produce cannabis in an effective and efficient way. It is a very simple, basic concept, but one making a whole lot of difference. Both indoors and outdoors, feminized seeds guarantee that space is used in the most productive way possible, by making sure that each and every plant is producing cannabis, not just squatting space waiting to be eliminated.

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  1. Eva Seeds - African Free

    Eva Seeds
    African Free - Discontinued

    Has a sweet taste and a euphoric sativa effect. Indoors, it is sensitive to extreme variations in temperature. It does not like temperatures lower than 18 degrees C. Outdoors, it is an easy and very productive plant to grow. It is suitable for Sea of Green and intensive growing. Good for hashish extraction.

    Starting at: $8.58

  2. Kannabia Seeds – Afrodite Marijuana Seeds


    One of the most popular genetics among Spanish growers is Jack Herer. Its results outdoors are legendary.A hybrid with sativa structure, flavour and effects, but after crossing with Black Domina, the production is improved and flowering periods are shortened to 58-62 days. The plant has an excellent calyx-to-leaf ratio and from the first few weeks of flowering becomes covered with a thick and abundant coat of resin.

    Starting at: $7.92

  3. Tropical Seeds – Afrokush Cannabis Seeds

    Tropical Seeds

    Tropical Seeds have used two of their best Swazi mothers in combination with PCK. First one, is a faster and more compact plant with an acid lemony intense scent, producing a good quantity of resin. In F1 form, the compact and medium final size continues to be seen and yield and resin production increases. It finishes in 75 days.

    Starting at: $10.07

  4. Loud Seeds – AJ's Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

    Loud Seeds
    AJ's Sour Diesel

    Ladies and gentlemen we would like to introduce you to one of our favorites   New York City Original AJ's Sour Diesel in stable female seed form! Petrol lemon gas that burns your nose. Loud Seeds has been working with this strain for over a decade

    Out of stock

  5. CBD Seeds - AK

    C B D Seeds

    Variety developed from regular native seeds from four different countries. As with any hybrid variety, stabilisation plays a key role in developing the product to set the desired characters.

    Starting at: $6.60

  6. Spliff Seeds – AK Marijuana Seeds

    Spliff Seeds

    We used an AK as a mother and crossed her with our Northern Lights Special (90% Indica), which has ridiculous trichome production, as a father to improve THC production. The result is our AK that is Indica dominant (70%). She is a very quick finisher. AK performs well on hydro, coco or soil and is excellent for the SOG method. Very mould resistant, AK is one of the most stable varieties we have, producing uniform plants.

    Starting at: $3.59

  7. Sagarmatha Seeds – AK 48 Automatic Marijuana Seeds

    Sagarmatha Seeds
    AK 48 Automatic

    Definitely the strongest and highest THC rating of the the autoflowering types AK-48 is the big gun of the ganga arsenal. Combining the world famous attributes of the AK-47 and Lowryder has produced a most rapid flowering fem fatal. As with all the lowryder crosses yields are lower than original strains.

    Starting at: $12.20

  8. Vision Seeds – AK 49 Marijuana Seeds

    Vision Seeds
    AK 49

    The AK-49 is a power packed, resinous plant and carries compact buds that bristle with hairs and glistening trichomes. AK-49 has a spicy smell bordering on skunk, with a touch of sandalwood, but flavors sweeter and more floral than the smell would lead one to believe. The AK-49 has a smooth smoke and a high THC level, a good day time strain for people with a high thc tolerance

    Starting at: $5.73

  9. Seedmakers Seeds – AK Auto Marijuana Seeds

    AK Auto

    AK Auto cannabis has parentage from one of the most famous varieties, now in an autoflowering version. AK Auto will surprise you because of its speed, potency and exquisite flavour.

    Starting at: $5.45

  10. Genehtik Seeds – AK Auto Goxuak Cannabis Seeds

    Genehtik Seeds
    AK Auto Goxuak

    A cross between an old selection of the famous and award-winning AK-47 with an autoflowering strain. It maintains sweet tasting and fruity aroma characertics that have made the AK-47 so appreciated. After a growth period of about 2 weeks, it automatically flowers, leaving it ready in about 10 weeks from germination.

    Starting at: $9.58

  11. Spliff Seeds – AK Automatic Marijuana Seeds

    Spliff Seeds
    AK Automatic

    AK of Colombian, Thai, Mexican, Afghani heritage meets Dutch Automatic (Ruderalis, Northern Light, Santa Maria, Blueberry and Afghani genetics). She is very easy to grow (idiot proof) and doesn’t require a lot of nutrients. With no growing period AK Automatic will form one principal cola and a few smaller side branches. She is a short and bushy, typical trait of an Indica dominant strain.

    Starting at: $5.52

  12. Blim Burn Seeds - AK Automatic Cannabis Seeds

    Blim Burn Seeds
    AK Automatic

    AK Automatic produces very compact plants resembling small Christmas trees They have very short inter-modal distance and small leaves. It Will grow vigorously without needs for large amounts of fertilisers. Its final height Will be determined by growing season and soil volume but it Will not reach over a meter in height.

    Starting at: $17.42

  13. Low Life - AK Mix Marijuana Seed

    Lowlife Seeds
    AK Mix

    Midweek Song currently doesn't have information on this Lowlife, AK Mix, Marijuana Seed. As soon as we get information on this marijuana seed you'll be the first to know.

    Out of stock

  14. Zambeza - AK Passion Auto Cannabis Seeds

    AK Passion Auto

    Few cannabis varieties are better known than the classical AK47, originally hybridised from various seeds coming from Thailand, Afghanistan, Colombia and Mexico. It is widely recognised and respected for its high yields and strong head high. The uniqueness of the strain made it a repeated winner of numerous awards for best marijuana – a distinction well deserved.

    Starting at: $11.15

  15. Green Label – AK Widow 47 Cannabis Seeds

    Green Label Seeds
    AK Widow 47

    AK Widow 47 consists of two strains that can be found on virtually every coffeeshop menu in the Netherlands: AK 47 and White Widow. AK 47 brings a nice infusion of sativa genes into this cross, creating a slightly more uplifting high compared to the heavy knock-out stone of White Widow.

    Starting at: $12.80

  16. 710 Genetics – AK-107 Auto Marijuana Seeds

    710 Genetics
    AK-107 Auto (Discontinued)

    An automatic version of the AK-107. Created by crossing the AK with an elite clone, then with a unique ruderalis. Auto AK-107 produces hard buds with an exceptionally strong aroma. AK is an indica/sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its sativa qualities in its high.

    Starting at: $6.99

  17. Serious Seeds – AK-47 Marijuana Seeds

    Serious Seeds

    This easy to grow plant is our most popular, because of her outstanding quality. AK-47 has been often copied or used by other seed companies for crosses. This plant is of medium height and produces very good yields quite quickly.Extremely STRONG odour and smoke. Take extra care for odour control when growing near neighbours! .

    Starting at: $9.66

  18. Nirvana – AK-48 Cannabis Seeds

    Nirvana Seeds

    Hordes of smokers swear by Nirvana’s AK48 Feminized Seeds. These highly viable cannabis seeds grow into plants producing hard buds, with an effect tending toward a high you wouldn’t expect from an Indica/Sativa hybrid.

    Starting at: $2.06

  19. Vision Seeds – AK-49 Auto Marijuana Seeds

    Vision Seeds
    AK-49 Auto

    The AK-49 Auto is the Vision Seeds auto-flowering variant of one of the most powerful strains ever. This cross between the AK-49 and Lowryder has resulted is a strong stable auto-flowering strain in which all the desired characteristics of the AK-49 are retained. The AK-49 Auto produces resinous marijuana plants with compact buds full of hair and glistening trichomes.

    Starting at: $5.78

  20. Blim Burn - AK47 Automatic

    Blim Burn Seeds
    AK47 Automatic

    AK 47 Automatic produces very compact plants resembling small Christmas trees They have very short inter-modal distance and small leaves. It Will grow vigorously without needs for large amounts of fertilisers. Its final height Will be determined by growing season and soil volume but it Will not reach over a meter in height.

    Out of stock

Items 61 to 80 of 2795 total

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