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  • Cannabis Ancillary Services – Allowing the Industry to Blossom

    The emerging cannabis industry that is budding in states across the United States as well as in different countries and nations around the world has opened up the job market and created a significant amount of new businesses. While the industry has brought life to hundreds if not thousands of dispensaries and grow operations it has also allowed for many ancillary services that cater to the cannabis industry to flourish. There are many industries that already existed that play a major role in the success of cannabis related businesses.

    The cannabis industry has seen many individuals take their skills from other careers and backgrounds and apply them to growing businesses within the cannabis culture. Let's take a look at some of the different types of businesses and career professionals that are proving more every day that they are the backbone of this industry and are helping it to succeed.


    Security in both the form of cyber security as well as physical security is essential to protecting this emerging industry. Those with skills such as being a security guard, armed and secured truck drivers, and IT professionals with skills in protecting networks that contain personal identifying information that needs to be protected are in high demand throughout the Cannabis industry.

    Marketing and Advertising

    You may or may not be aware but many businesses within the cannabis industry are unable to advertise in traditional methods due to legal terms and agreements and other aspects. This is where those with a background in marketing and advertising play an essential part in helping to raise brand awareness for cannabis companies. Those with a track record of innovative marketing strategies are in high demand as more businesses and competition emerge with this growing industry.


    Legal writers, attorneys, and other legal professionals are also in high demand throughout the cannabis industry. Their skills are essential in securing what advocates have fought for. These industry professionals are also in high demand when it comes to securing multimillion-dollar contracts and investments as well as maintaining compliance.

    These are just a few of the ancillary services and types of career professionals that are providing support for the budding cannabis industries around the world. Do you work in the cannabis industry? If so we would love to hear how your skills from previous endeavors have helped you to succeed!

  • Security and Transportation Companies Emerging Specifically for the Cannabis Industry

    The cannabis industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in all of the United States and it requires an excessive amount of security for businesses to stay in compliance. Being that 90% of cannabis businesses also have to operate as cash-only businesses they face risks that businesses in other industries do not simply because they do not have access to banking like others. Unfortunately, many reputable and trustworthy transportation and security companies are unable to cater to the industry due to the federal government's draconian status that it still holds dear to. This is forcing the cannabis industry and businesses within it to be very innovative and come up with solutions of their own.

    Aside from the fact that reputable transportation companies are unable to cater to the cannabis industry the new companies that are emerging face many obstacles not faced by other industries. For example, the federal prohibition of cannabis bars trucks and drivers regulated by the department of transportation from transporting the substance and anyone and everyone is prohibited from crossing state lines with cannabis whether or not both states have legal systems.

    Security companies such as the Portland company CannaGuard Security have turned to armored cargo vans to transport cannabis flowers and other products from processors and growers to dispensaries. They are also taking responsibility and assisting clients who must transport large sums of cash due to cannabis businesses having to operate without access to banking. The vans utilized by CannaGuard are decked out with everything you could imagine including bulletproof glass, armor plating, tracking equipment, a specialized security fog for protection and safe deposit boxes.

    With the sales of cannabis increasing by an average of 17% each year the need for security companies such as CannaGuard will continue to increase and allow opportunities for new businesses to come on bored to cater to the growing industry.

  • What is the Endocannabinoid System and the History Behind Its Discovery

    The endocannabinoid system is an indigenous system which is found in all mammals not just in humans. This naturally occurring system within the body has a purpose of creating and maintaining a state of homeostasis throughout many different systems in the human anatomy. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system started around 1964 when Raphael Mechoulam discovered the cannabinoid known as THC. In 1988 Allyn Howlett and William Devane discovered the first cannabinoid receptor within the brain of a rat.


    Upon discovering this receptor they learned that the cannabinoid receptor was more plentiful than any other neurotransmitter receptor in the brain. This cannabinoid receptor was named CB-1. In 1993 the second cannabinoid receptor known as the CB2 receptor was discovered within the immune and nervous systems. In 1992 the first naturally occurring endocannabinoid known as anandamide was founded by Raphael Mechoulam with the help of the National Institute for Mental Health researchers Dr. Lumir Hanus and William Devane.


    These discoveries have prompted more research and have allowed us to learn more about the role that this system within every mammal's body has to play. According to many, the endocannabinoid system could very well be the most important system within the entire human body. Evidence has shown that when your endocannabinoid system is not balanced and maintained it can cause issues of all sorts.


    The reason why cannabis helps to treat the ailments, conditions, and diseases that it does is because when these cannabinoid receptors within the endocannabinoid system become saturated with cannabinoids from the cannabis plant it helps to regulate the system within the human body. You see the endocannabinoid system has to do with everything from healthy bone density and sugar levels to how neurotransmitters fire in your brain and many other functions.


    As more places around the world regulate cannabis the amount of research that will be able to be performed regarding the endocannabinoid system will significantly increase which in return will drastically affect the amount of knowledge that we have in regards to just how essential a healthy endocannabinoid system is to humankind.

  • California Dreaming About Cannabis Investments

    The cannabis industry is growing at a significantly fast rate. This growth is fueled by some major investments. According to ArcView, they have assisted over 600 individuals to invest in excess of $131 dollars into the cannabis industry since 2010. It may or may not come as a surprise that a lot of this money and a lot of these businesses are coming from California. The state of California was the first in the continental US to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes and just last year passed regulations to also regulate and legalize a retail market for adults over the age of 21.

    Some of the investors that we are seeing come into the cannabis industry have an astounding background such as the Benchmark Capital firm which helped to launch tech companies such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Uber. Their latest endeavor, however, has brought them into the cannabis sector where they recently invested $8000000 into an Oakland start up by the name of Hound Labs. Hound Labs is going to be responsible for helping to develop a DUI test for checking the impairment of drivers under the influence of cannabis. A task that has been attempted and failed by many others.

    That's just the start, however. Another major investment that was made into the cannabis industry came from the biotech industry mogul Peter Thiel who is most well known for founding PayPal. He invested roughly $300,000 into the ballot campaign in California that recently passed allowing for retail regulations last year.

    According to Pitchbook a finance tracking firm, almost 50% of all investments into cannabis companies across the U.S. come out of California. This investment however mind-blowing as it may seem right now has the potential of reaching endless heights over the coming years if the California state treasurer John Chiang is successful in implementing his proposed parallel banking system that would allow for cannabis businesses to secure traditional loans and put their money in the bank where they currently cannot.

    If you are looking to invest in the Cannabis industry there's no better time than the present as being on the ground floor as this movement progresses offers nothing but benefits to business owners as well as their investors.

  • What We Know About Cannabis and the Aging Brain

    For many years those who oppose cannabis legalization have always turned to the one piece of scientific evidence that they had that showed negative effects of cannabis. This one piece of scientific evidence is in regard to how developing brains are affected by the introduction and concentration buildup of THC. This specific piece of scientific evidence was directly related to the adolescent use and consumption of cannabinoids. Other studies, however, have shown that the consumption of cannabis could and does in some cases actually improve brain development in addition to its ability to combat neurological disorders. Let's take a look at what recent studies are showing in regard to how THC specifically effects learning and memory at different ages.
    Based on studies conducted this far there are three basic things that we know about how cannabis and THC specifically effect the brain. Studies have shown that younger mice have increased memory and learning abilities in comparison to older mice. We also know that the endocannabinoid system has a great impact and ability to slow the progression of an aging brain for those who consume cannabis as there is proof that endocannabinoid levels produced by the body naturally decline with age. We also know that younger mice have shown that THC makes them perform negatively in comparison to older mice on memory and learning tests.
    Studies also show directly that plant-based cannabinoids such as THC have various effects on individuals based on their age. This difference is likely to be caused by age-related changes in the ECS. These studies and conclusions leave many questions unanswered however many believe that we will never really truly know the difference until adequate human trials can be administered. Human based studies would also allow for cannabis to be consumed in multiple different manners not just through oral pure THC like what has been administered in studies that have produced these conclusions thus far. Many researchers, as well as advocates, also feel that these results would change based upon using a whole plant cannabis product with a wide range of cannabinoids rather than just THC.

  • How to Make MoonRocks at Home

    There are many celebrities that support cannabis and many are very open about their consumption. Since cannabis has begun to be legalized in states across the United States we have seen many of these celebrities even start their own product lines ranging from bongs and glass pieces to full fledge cannabis lines that include extracts, flowers and more. One celebrity, however, thought outside the box and teamed up with Dr. Zodiac to create a whole new type of bud.

    If you're a cannabis consumer chances are you have probably heard of the products known as Moonrocks. These are created in a collaboration between Dr. Zodiac and Korrupt the infamous rapper. These potent new types of smokable bud products offer an exceptional THC content and an experience. Unfortunately, they tend to cost somewhere between $25 and $40 a gram in dispensaries. Luckily these products can be made at home and typically for a much better price.

    To get started creating your own potent Moonrocks at home there are three basic ingredients that you will need. These include bud, hash oil, and kief. Traditional Moonrocks are made utilizing the Girl Scout Cookies strain, however, any strain will work as long as it has at least an 18% THC content. The Denture and Tighter the buds that you can use the better the end product will be. Once you have acquired these products the rest is easy. Simply break off a piece of a bud place it on parchment paper or a silicone mat and use a pair of tweezers to hold it as you drizzle hash oil and spread it around the entire bud. Then take this hash oil covered bud and simply roll it in kief of your choice. Set the buds aside to dry on your silicone mat or a piece of parchment paper and once dried simply enjoy. The easiest way to consume and enjoy the trifecta of cannabis goodness is directly in a bowl.

  • Cannabis is Creating Thousands of Jobs

    One of the biggest benefits that the emerging cannabis industry is offering is an enormous amount of new jobs that didn't exist previously. In states that have legalized cannabis in the United States they have seen hundreds and in some cases, thousands of new jobs created offering financial security to thousands of individuals throughout local communities. Let's take a look at some of the statistics surrounding the job creation that the cannabis industry is providing.

    The most recent news regarding how many jobs the cannabis industry is creating comes out of the state of Arkansas. Arkansas legalized medical cannabis last year and are in the process of implementing a legally regulated market within the state. Advocates estimate that the legal emerging market in the state will create 500 to 600 new jobs in the near future. As the industry emerges in the state there will not only be jobs created for those working directly in the industry but also for individuals such as real estate agents, construction workers, and others.

    Within a few years, it is most likely that you will see several thousand people employed thanks to the cannabis industry just as we have seen in other states. Take, for example, Colorado. Colorado was the first state in the United States to legalize a market for retail cannabis for adults over the age of 21. This market opened in 2014 and in 2016 the industry created an excess of 18,000 jobs within the state. That means that there were 18,000 people that were able to provide meals, shelter, and clothing for their families that may not been able to do so otherwise. If you ask us job creation in combination with just how safe cannabis has proven to be should be enough to regulate it and legalize It worldwide.

  • Cannabis Terminology

    If you are new to the cannabis culture or know nothing about this miraculous plant coming into the scene can be quite confusing for many simply due to all of the terminology that comes with it. I'm not talking about the slang terminology either. If you are heading to a recreational state to enjoy cannabis legally for the first time or if you recently became a medical cannabis patient you will want to know some of this common terminology before visiting a dispensary. Check out this list of terms and their meanings that we have put together below that you may find to be of great value in your endeavors to learn more about this plant.

    When entering into a cannabis dispensary you will be greeted by a security guard that will check your identification and documents for medical patients. After checking in you will be seen by a budtender whose first question will probably be "what are you in the market for today?" This is where it is very important to understand the differences in the products that dispensaries offer. Check out the main four below.

    • Bud or Flower – These terms reference the dried material from the cannabis plant that are typically ground up and consumed through a joint or bowl.
    • Concentrates – Cannabis concentrates are a powerful cannabis product which is extracted from the cannabis plant and requires a specific set of products in order to utilize which you will find in our dabbing terminology article here.
    • Edibles – This term refers to cannabis infused products which are meant for consuming either by eating or drinking. Edibles offer longer lasting effects but take longer to feel than smoking or vaporizing cannabis flowers or concentrates.
    • Topicals- Cannabis topicals are primarily a medical based cannabis product as they are applied topically to relieve a number of different ailments and provide no psychoactive effect even when the contain THC which you will learn more about below.

    If the first question you are greeted with isn't in regards to the specific product type that you are after it most likely will be "are you looking for indicas, sativas or hybrids?" You can find the definition of what these three terms mean below.

    • Indica – Indica refers to a specific type of cannabis species. Products be it flower or concentrates that are Indica dominant tend to provide a more intense body buzz than cerebral effects. Indicas are known for providing relief from nausea and pain. Indicas also tend to make consumers and patients relaxed and are more sedating than other varieties therefore they are typically recommended for nighttime consumption.
    • Sativa – Sativa varieties of cannabis products are the exact opposite of Indicas. Sativas tend to provide more of an uplifting and energetic cerebral high rather than a sedating body buzz. Sativas however have been known to increase anxiety in some so you should be aware of this if you suffer from anxiety. Since Sativas tend to be more uplifting they are normally recommended for morning and daytime consumption.
    • Hybrid – Hybrids are a combination of Sativa and Indica genetics and tend to provide a very balanced effect of both Indica and Sativa characteristics. Some hybrids however can be more Sativa or Indica dominant so this is something to keep in mind when making your selections!

    Another very important thing that you should be aware of when visiting a dispensary are the types of compounds that are common in cannabis products. These compounds are known as cannabinoids and offer different effects as well as benefits. Check out the two main ones below.

    • THC – THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found within cannabis plants. Products that contain THC with the exception of topicals will produce a psychoactive effect.
    • CBD – CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in higher concentrations in some strains in comparison to others. CBD has been proven to offer many health benefits without the high. If you are a medical patient you will be more likely to purchase CBD than a retail consumer who is looking to achieve a buzz.

    We hope that this list of terms and their meanings will help your first dispensary visit go as smoothly and as awesome as you expect it to. While budtenders are always there willing and ready to help educate you and can answer any questions that you have knowing some of this information beforehand can help drastically improve the experience.

  • Celebrity Infused Cannabis Product Lines

    There are many celebrities within the cannabis culture and community. As the progression of legalization has occurred across the United States as well as around the world we have started to see more of these celebrities come out of the cannabis closet. We have also started to see many of these celebrities not only advocating for legalization and other places but we have started to watch them open their own businesses catering to the cannabis culture.

    Today in legal markets across the United States and Canada you can find several different celebrity branded cannabis product lines that you may enjoy. The celebrity product lines offer everything from bud and concentrates to edibles and health and beauty products to name a few. Let's take a more in depth look at some of these product lines.

    Leafs by Snoop

    Snoop Dogg and cannabis have a very long history together and the rapper/actor / business entrepreneur has always been an outspoken and open advocate for cannabis. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that with legalization he has ventured into the cannabis industry and started his own line of cannabis products known as Leafs by Snoop. Leafs by Snoop offers a wide variety of products including flower, concentrates, and edibles. The Leafs by Snoop product line can currently be found throughout dispensaries in Colorado as well as for medical marijuana patients in Canada that are registered with Tweed. This is not the only cannabis venture that Snoop Dogg has stepped into. He also created a multi media site which covers the cannabis culture and community as well as several niches of interest to cannabis consumers. Fittingly this website is known as Merry Jane.

    Whoopi and Maya

    The Whoopi and Maya medical cannabis product line is a collaboration between the legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg and the founder of Om Edibles Maya Elisabeth. Maya since becoming the founder of her edibles company has won seven different High Times Cannabis Cup Awards and is hailed as being one of the greatest creators of medically based cannabis products in the state of California. Their product line includes a bath soak, raw cocoa bean infused with cannabis, a topical body bomb infused with THC and CBD, and THC infused tinctures. Currently, the Whoopi and Maya product line is available only in the state of California for registered medical cannabis patients but as the legalization of cannabis progresses it is almost certain that they will branch out to other markets.

    Willie's Reserve

    According to the Willie's Reserve website, the cannabis culture has always been a way of life for the legendary country musician and he has always operated under a simple philosophy and that is "my stash is your stash." Willie Nelson has always been very open about his cannabis consumption and has also been a major advocate for the legalization of not only psychoactive cannabis but also industrial hemp. Willie also has a passion for helping farmers and through Willie's Reserve, he is able to share his passions with the world. Willie has also been known to have some really good stuff too hence the country song I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again. The Willie Reserve product line includes edibles, flower, and vape products. You can currently find Willie's Reserve product line throughout dispensaries in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and most recently Nevada.

    If you had the chance to try any of these celebrity branded cannabis products? If so we'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

  • How to Make Cannabis Purple

    When it comes to the color of cannabis many individuals automatically think that all cannabis is green or even brown if they've been exposed to lower grade cannabis. This is not the case however as cannabis can be very colorful depending on different environmental influences. One of the most common colors of cannabis aside from green is the color purple. For individuals who have seen these beautiful purple buds or have had the pleasure of enjoying them some say there's nothing like them. So what causes cannabis to have a purple tone rather than green? Let's take a look at the science behind this as well as some of the strains that you will commonly find with this characteristic.

    When it comes to the science of why some cannabis turns out purple rather than green there are three main reasons why this would occur. Some purple qualities are naturally occurring and are passed on genetically from parent plants to their offspring. Another way purple cannabis can be cultivated is through the manipulation of specific environmental conditions. The third and final way in which purple cannabis can be obtained is through manipulation of different nutrients and the pH balance of the soil in which the plant is grown. Let's take a look at these three aspects more in depth.

    Some cannabis strains include a higher concentration of pigment molecules known as anthocyanins which naturally alter the color of those specific strains of genetics. Some of those strains that are naturally purple include Granddaddy Purple, Mendocino Purps, Blackwater, Purple Space Cookies, Purple Voodoo, Blue Night, and Purple Urkle to name a few.

    Other strains can also put off the appearance of a purple hue or be completely purple in nature due to the environmental conditions in which they are grown. You can manually manipulate the level of anthocyanins within a strain by growing the plant outdoors and exposing them to prolong cycles of cold temperatures.

    The third and final way in which cannabis can be turned purple when it is not naturally occurring is through manipulation of the pH balance. Just as with any plant in nature when the pH balance is acidic the plants will naturally have a more pinkish tone. On the opposite end of the spectrum in alkaline soil, plants tend to have a blue tint. A neutral pH, however, can help to naturally produce purple tones throughout the plant.

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