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    Advanced Seeds

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    Black Label Skulls

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    kaliman seeds

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    World of Seeds

  • Dutch Passion Seeds


    We’re now taking another closer look at one of our favourite seed banks here at Midweek Song. Dutch Passion marijuana seeds are supplied by another brand which has been running for decades, and in fact they first started trading in the cannabis seed market in the 1970s. By the time they were well and truly established as a provider of high quality marijuana seeds in the late 1980s, Dutch Passion was already well on its way to becoming a classic brand.
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  • Barney’s Farm Seeds

    We believe the vast range of brands we stock at Midweek Song is what makes us one of the best choices for anyone looking to buy the best marijuana seeds online. Barney’s Farm seeds are a very popular brand, and we’ll be looking at their products in more detail here.

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  • Midweek Song Update

    As you may be aware we are still unable to take credit/debit cards. Please be aware you can still order using;

    1. Bitcoin - This is the quickest method as it is instant. We recommend reading the link provided for more information.

    2. Bank Transfer - For more information about using a Bank Transfer please email us at [email protected] Please be aware most banks do charge high fee's for this method.

    3. Cash orders - You can print our order form at the top of every page you visit on our website *Order Offline*.

    Alternately you can put all the items in your basket that you wish to order, click proceed to checkout, then "Print Mail Order Form" which will download the form with all your products on it. All you have to do then is send your order, along with the money to the address on the top of the form. Once we receive your money your order will be sent.

    We have no return date for the Credit/Debit card as the banks will not work with us so please do not email asking as the emails will be ignored.

    For all orders over $500 please get in contact with us [email protected] for discount.

    We do ship to USA and worldwide as stated all over the website.

    The payment methods that we cannot accept are;

    1. PayPal
    2. Cashiers Cheque
    3. Western Union
    4. Credit and Debit cards


    Thanks for your understanding and please be aware it is not our decision to not accept Credit/Debit cards. We are dictated to by the banks.

    Midweek Song


  • T.H.Seeds


    At Midweek Song we’re pleased to be a stockist of T.H.Seeds, a leading European brand supplying marijuana seeds online for real connoisseurs of cannabis. Established in 1993, T.H.Seeds is an old school brand with a new school mission statement, all about developing the best products using the latest science.

    In the early days, when they started this business in Holland, only a few main varieties of marijuana were popular and any cross-bred plants tended to be a combination of three particularly common types: Northern Lights, Shiva and Skunk. At that time, T.H.Seeds were instrumental in bringing several brand new varieties to the market, becoming the first company to sell seeds for the popular Original Bubblegum variety back in 1994, which have since endured for years as one of their most widely enjoyed products.

    Today, the brand is known for its keen interest in developing the latest scientific techniques for breeding new and unique cannabis plants. Their New School Cannabis Genetics have allowed them to engineer fantastic new varieties that combine beneficial and practical traits of different species. As a result, the seeds sold by T.H.Seeds all have great attributes that could be perfect for different preferences. Every aspect of these seeds and plants can be controlled with the right knowledge of genetics, including everything from the taste and smell of the plant to the way it actually grows.

    T.H.Seeds MK-Ultra variety is one of their most popular product ranges. These are named after the infamous and mysterious science experiments conducted by the US government in the 1950s, since the high created by this plant’s leaves is described as hypnotic. These award-winning seeds have since spawned a range of other related products. These include the MK-Ultra X Bubble, a hybrid with the popular Bubblegum strain for a strong medicinal effect, and the MK-Ultra Mind Control Set which features seeds from three different strains.

    Another popular variety is T.H.Seeds Burmese Kush, one of the quickest flowering seeds in their range. This Californian-Burmese hybrid plant is highly sought-after, and we’re pleased to offer these seeds in both regular and feminized varieties.

  • September Promotions

    Runs September 1st - 30th September

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  • Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis

    Talking to your kids about cannabis is important. Making sure that they understand exactly what it is and the legalities involved with it is imperative for them to make smart decisions. Surprisingly when it comes to cannabis consumption or marijuana consumption the teens in places that have legalized marijuana such as Colorado are experiencing an opposite effect of what the opposition predicted. Kids in Colorado are "stubbornly refusing to smoke marijuana".

    The state of Colorado is attributing the reduction of teenage cannabis consumption to informative programs sponsored by taxes collected from Cannabis sales. Instead of these programs attacking marijuana like the Reefer Madness propaganda of the past it simply states facts while suggesting that teens wait until adulthood to decide whether or not they would like to try cannabis.

    Talking to your kids about cannabis is as easy as sitting down and having the conversation with them. You may be surprised to find out that your kids actually know more about cannabis than you do. This is not a bad thing at all. This just simply means that they are learning the truth and information that is flooding the world about the amazing plant known as cannabis. After all, everything that people have been taught in the past about marijuana is basically a lie built on prohibition that was designed to profit from people.

    Sit down with your kids today and ask them what they know about marijuana. If you don't know much about this subject yourself or if you know everything it is a great way to spend some time with your children and help educate them about an amazing plant as well as making responsible decisions as young adults. It is best that you have this conversation at an early age. Now I’m not telling you to go spark the conversation with your 3-year-old, but they will be able to understand from a younger age than one might think.

    It is important to have this conversation with your kids so that you can be sure that they are learning the truth about cannabis, both marijuana and hemp. There are many different resources on the internet for you to learn more yourself as well before having this conversation with your children. If you are nervous about having a conversation with your children about cannabis, don't be. Just think how awful you would feel if they became misinformed on the topic or were not educated at all and decide to take a few tokes because they weren't aware of the harm that it can have on their developing brains. Just take a few tokes yourself, breath and relax. Once it is over with you will be so glad that you finally sparked a conversation about cannabis with your kids!

  • Make No Mistakes About These Four States

    States with legal recreational or retail marijuana are few and far between currently. As of this moment, there are only four states in the United States of America where marijuana is legal on a recreational or retail level. Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, and Alaska all have legalized recreational retail marijuana for adults over the age of 21. This means that if you are an adult 21 years or older with valid identification you can purchase marijuana from a dispensary legally. You are only allowed to purchase between a 1/4 ounce and an ounce at a time so don't get big plans of hoarding marijuana to drag across the country and sell.

    Legal Marijuana Might Make You Wanna

    Those in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon do not have plans of selling cannabis across the country. They are quite content that it is legal for them and their state and they will not go to prison as long as they are compliant with state regulations and county rules. Legal access to marijuana on a retail or recreational level has proven successful in pioneering states such as Colorado. They are bringing in a record amount of tax revenue allowing the state to fund things such as scholarships schools and municipal services that otherwise would have no money due to our political figures reaching into the pockets of these funds on a continual basis.

    Come for a Blazing Time

    If you're looking to enjoy recreational marijuana it’s time for a vacation and if you want to make it to be a permanent situation I would highly suggest moving to any of these four great States. Washington state with its beautiful oceans and rainforest, Colorado with its gorgeous mountains and grasslands, Oregon with its rich lush forests and valleys and beautiful shorelines and Alaska with its untamed beauty and wilderness will all make excellent destinations for vacation or building

  • 5 Cannabis Strains for Enhancing Sexual Pleasure

    What cannabis strains are popular for sex is a ver commonly searched phrase today. People are looking this term up for a multitude of different reasons. It's not what those who support marijuana prohibition would make it out to be. It's not people looking at what type of strains will work so they can lure people into having sex with them.

    In fact it is people looking to experience something a little different. Ones who are looking to spice up their day-to-day sex life. Ones that are looking to try something new but are nervous and hear that cannabis helps to relax people. It's not about smoking a strain of cannabis and all of a sudden I want to have sex or immediately feeling an orgasm. It's about relaxing you and providing an environment which allows you to comfortably enjoy sex.

    There are many different reasons in which sex makes people feel uncomfortable. Things such as insecurities with their body, emotional issues that cause them to become nervous in a time that should be pleasurable and enjoyable, and several other issues interfere on a daily basis with people’s sex life. Individuals try pharmaceutical drugs such as Viagra and Cialis in order to enhance their sex lives just to find out these drugs are as dangerous as taking ecstasy or other pharmaceutically engineering street drugs.

    If you are looking for a way to enhance sex or enjoy it for whatever reason here are five strains you may want to try.

    1. Bluecheese- This Indica strain is known for providing a complete body relaxation which allows for enhanced pleasure during sex.
    2. Skunk #1- Is a notorious hybrid strain that is known for providing enhanced creativity which can lead to many erotic fantasies being revealed or even coming true!
    3. Granddaddy Purple- The Granddaddy Purple strain is another Indica that is known for providing relaxing effects as well as an uplifting cerebral effect which allows for the ultimate pleasure.
    4. Flo- This strain comes from the legendary breeder DJ Short which is known for having amazing flavors and Flo does not dissappoint. This strain is great for those who are not heavy consumers as the effects are very light but effective.

    Chemdawg is a hybrid with mysterious origins but what we do know about this strain is that it provides an very euphoric, uplifting cerebral buzz that is accompanied by a relaxing full body high. This is a perfect combination for setting the mind

  • 5 Cannabis Strains for Enhancing Exercise

    When it comes to marijuana or cannabis consumption it is not just for smoking and lounging around. The stereotype of the lazy stoner who does nothing but sit on the couch all day playing video games, watching movies, eating microwaved food and pizza is a thing of the past. Motivated, progressive, forward-thinking individuals throughout the cannabis community are active and aggressively pursuing entrepreneurial ventures throughout the cannabis industry.

    Many of these individuals work regular full-time jobs on top of putting in extra hours every day fulfilling their dreams of becoming a cannabis business owner. Marijuana has come a long way and it is not the weed of the past. Today we have hybrids of all sorts along with indicas and sativas. In states that have legal access to dispensaries individuals are able to know what they are purchasing. Sativa strains of cannabis make great strains for hitting the gym and working out. This is because they are known to have uplifting and motivational attributes along with their healing and pain relieving medicinal values.

    Athletes from a variety of different althetic organizations are coming forward and letting people know that cannabis is a vital part of their workout routines. A healthy mind and body can be achieved more efficiently when cannabis is an essential part of your daily diet.

    Excercise is also known for creating a euphoria similar to a mild cannabis high so it only makes since that the two would go hand in hand with each other. In fact, cannabis and exercise go so well together the worlds first cannabis gym just recently opened!

    If you are looking to do some extra exercise or get into a healthy exercise routine perhaps you may want to try one of these five strains of cannabis.

    • Chemdawg
    • Sour Diesel
    • Girl Scout Cookies
    • Platinum Purple
    • Blueberry Dream

    All of these strains are Sativa strains that are known for providing energetic and uplifting highs in combination with pain, inflammation, and stress relieving properties. So what are you waiting for? Get your toke on and get to exercising!

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